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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Paper Doll Fun

This summer I was asked to come up with an easy project that a group could do that would not involve sewing. So, I came up with small articulated paper dolls. I have posted three here so you can see what I had in mind.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Sculpts

I have completed three new sculpts that were done after the secret postcard entries for Artworks Cincinnati this year. Unfortunately I will have to wait to post those pics until after the event. We are supposed to keep them a secret until then. Anyway this series are really small. Two of them are 4x6 and other is a 5x5 square one. The one on the top is called "Buddha of the Four Directions". The one in the middle is called "House Spirit" and the one at the bottom is entitled "My Muse".

The sculpts are made out of Polymer clay over a stretched canvas. I have a bunch of these little canvas' and thought why not cover them with clay. It seems to work just fine on the small ones. I would not attempt anything larger with this process. After the clay was cured, I applied several layers of acrylic paints and glazes to get the finished result. I embedded glass beads prior to baking for added bling. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, September 08, 2008

New Goblins

I have recently completed the next group of goblin characters. Here we have the cat goblin and his friend a little dog fashioned after my own little guy. Then we have the infamous dust bunny. Thirdly we have my version of a will-o-the-wisp, These are all done in polymer clay. Hope you enjoy them.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Quirks, Tagging, Art?

I recently found myself being tagged. I was really perplexed as to the point. Is this the blog version of those annoying email chain letter things? You know the lists of seemingly unrelated things that are supposed to reveal something new about you. So, not to be a total spoil sport about it, I am acknowledging being tagged by an artist friend Cynjon Noah The tag suggests that we list six Quirks about ourselves. Quirks? I think all my odd bits of behavior is absolutely normal, not!

So, here goes:

1. I have to sleep with all the lights out and a fan going.
3. I can only drink milk if it ice cold. Otherwise what's the point.
3. I will stop reading a book after just one page if I know I will hate it.
4. When I work a 9-5 shift at work I must eat my lunch at twelve noon.
5. Love the smell of citrus fruit.
6. Hate having dirty hands.

Now for the spoiled sport of me, I am not passing this along as my friends whose blogs I know would hate me for it.

Have a good Sunday everyone and remember to get yourself outside if you can to enjoy Ms. Mother Nature. She's worth it.

Oh, to put a little bit of art into my post, the above is a pin I made several years back when I started contemplating making jewelry.