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Saturday, April 20, 2013


Today I found an unexpected gift.  My sister posted a picture of my parents.  It was taken at one of his brothers farm. What is the big deal you may wonder?  Well, I have only one picture and that is of my father when he was in the air force.  This was such a beautiful surprise.  I don't even think my sister really understands how happy I am to see this.   I lost my parents before I turned nine years old.  I never had a chance to grow up with them, laugh with them or see them mature and become wise.  Instead, I have only this fleeting memory of what they looked like in the prime of their lives.

This past nine months has been a powerful journey of healing and now I feel I have come full circle and am now ready to begin my next adventure.  I see symbols and signs everywhere from the Universe that tell me, we move forward, our hearts never forget.  Our energy and that of those we have loved and lost can never be destroyed.  That is a scientific fact.  In this past week of horror in Boston and the seemingly senseless loss of life, I take comfort in knowing they are not completely gone from us.  Only changed in some intangible way we have yet to understand.

This is how I honor my ancestor spirits, my soul family, my circle of life.  You all are a great part of that circle and I am eternally grateful for your friendship and counsel.  Thank you for following along.  I am in the doll mode so I will be posting some new characters soon. Have a great week one and all.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Sorry, my friends for the long absence in posting.  I have been very busy learning in my photography class.  My class is actually for portraiture but, I am learning much about my camera in the process.  So, I try and practice on things that will eventually aid me in my proposed future projects.  When I decided to start photographing my dolls to create stories or scenes, I began to realize one thing right away.  I needed to refresh my knowledge of photography and also my DSLR camera.  I kept thinking that I would need a new camera and so was a bit depressed.

Well long story short, I have been shown the light so to speak.  My teacher Kate Messer is an awesome teacher.  She is dedicated to her art and she is also a very patient teacher.  You can't ask for anyone better.

As you can see these are not portraits per se but, are floral portraits as I like to view them.  I took these of a neighbors tulips that have decided to shout hello spring has sprung.

Another important lesson for me is in the learning off Lightroom 4 by Adobe for processing my pictures.  I was totally intimidated by this software and now I am finding it a great challenge, a fun challenge to learn.

So don't despair my friends.  Dolls will be making an appearance here again real soon.  I am in the learning mode to better capture my vision of what I wish to convey.  I am finding that I have to adapt as an artist.  As my hands keep getting more and more painful when I sculpt.  I am finding that I have to transition into something else.  So, this is a great tool and hopefully just as interesting to you all.  Thanks for following along on my journey.

I will be heading up to Columbus Ohio next week for AFICC or Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay.  It's a great doll making conference and I am looking forward to learning some new things, seeing old friends and making new ones.  I will keep you all posted.

See ya.