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Friday, January 01, 2016

New Year, new beginnings

Wow! I can't believe it's been six months since I have posted on my site. Time really does get away with me. I have been busy taking lots of photographs. Partly due to a class I took in the fall and of course I love the art form. But, I have also been making lots of handmade journals. Started out making one for a pass around project with two of my coworkers. We wanted to do a journal trade around as a fun six month project. This got me back to doing book binding and I learned how to do the Coptic stitch.

This journal is made with Fabriano drawing paper, a hand marbled paper cover and Coptic stitching. I put little gears on the cover also. It is my steampunk themed journal.

These are some fun little journals also with the Coptic style binding.

Finally these are some fabric covered journals I made in a larger size. Also with the Coptic style binding. I decided to start selling some of them and also I made some for gifts to artist friends this year.

As for the photography, I took a class that focused on black and white assignments. The idea for me was to explore that art of black and white photography. My final portfolio class was dedicated to toys as the subject. I have included three of my favorite ones here.

This is one of a six inch Batman figure. I went to a local park that overlooks the west side of the city. I thought this image was particularly successful in fooling the eye and making it appear that the real Batman is standing looking out over the city.

In this series I found two little model cars that I wanted to use and see if I could give the impression of a real automobile. This first is of a Chevy Nomad wagon from the fifties. I imagine the people driving this car and they have stopped along the way to sight see.

I am not sure what model this car is, but it reminded me of a car used during the prohibition era and the so called rum runners. I really enjoyed this assignment a lot and learned so much about black and white in the class itself. Hats off to my teacher Lisa Britton for her guidance and encouragement.

My up coming year will certainly be one of new things and inspirations. Each year I plan a few goals for myself and dream big. That is just a part of my spiritual practice. I release some old stuff that isn't relevant or serving me any longer so as to make room for new things. It's a great practice. I am learning to savor each moment I have to make art, be with friends and family and simply enjoying, yes choosing to enjoy life. One thing I am really making an effort to do this time is pay attention to that negative voice in my head that keeps putting bad thoughts out there. I immediately call him out on it and just say. Instead of thinking up bad things to happen, why not think of good this. I am going to be relentless. It may make me sound crazy as I tend to say stop it out loud sometimes. That's okay we artists are just eccentric artists right?

Happy new year one and all. Hopefully, I can be a little better about chronicling my creative life/