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Saturday, February 14, 2009

For something a little different...

Happy Valentine to all of you out there.  I thought I would post some Valentine hearts I have made today.  They are a bit different for me.  I am having dinner with three friends and my partner tonight and wanted to give a little something.  These are sculpted from polymer clay and then paitned in my style.  I used some molds I made as well as two commercial molds and then cut them out with a heart shaped cookie cutter.  I am going to wrap them and then let each person pick one.

Here is a close up of two of the hearts.  Have a great romantic day.

These are a bit different than I have done as far as sculpts go.  A bit of mixed media here for something a little different.  I am taking a little break from the goblins to try some other ideas out.  These are a couple of pieces I call "Ghost in the Machine" and are mixed media.

I have a little stash of computer circuit boards and needed to find a use for them.  So, I have been wanting to do a haunted computer theme for a long time.  Well, these ghosts aren't what I would call sinister.  I have been so intent on making my goblins more friendly than the traditional that I have carried that idea over for this pair.  I am wanting to do something a bit more dark but, that will wait for another piece.  

These are made out of polymer clay, decorative papers, computer circuit boards and stretched canvas.  They measure a wee 5x7 inches.  I have given them my usual paint and stain process.  I guess that is my signature of sorts as that is the look I really like.  Hope you find these guys a bit of a departure and interesting.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Finished, Framed and Open Houses

As promised I am posting some pictures of my finished and framed pieces I recently completed.  Here on top is "Wabbit" the animal spirit guide from the rabbit tribe.  He is nestled in his garden of serenity surrounded by a picket fence.  Here is "Wabbit's" story.

Ah, Wabbit is of the Rabbit tribe of animal spirits.  He is coming or called into your life to help you face your biggest fears.  So, if you feel inspired to take Wabbit home you are in need of some healing of the fearful kind.  What is your greatest fear or fears.  The one thing about fear is that it paralyses us from moving forward in our lives.  Rabbit energy calls this into play and helps us face the deepest darkest fears that are holding us back from the life we want.


Here Wabbit is protected by his picket fence in his garden of serenity.  Let him help you find your garden of serenity.  It will not be an easy task as fear is a powerful force to reckon with.  In one of his paws he is holding the key to conquering your fears.  Which one will you choose?   Wabbit is willing to guide you through it

Now we have "House Spirit #1" in his bamboo frame constructed of a bamboo bowl.

This is "House Spirit#2" in his bamboo frame.

Finally, we have the "Green Buddha" in his smart bamboo bowl frame.  I think these turned out rather well and received a lot of nice comments at the first night of our studio open house.

This weekend the Essex Studios in Cincinnati Ohio are having their winter studio open house and art walk.  Attendance was rather light this time but, with the recent weather and of course the economic climate may have a lot to do with that.  We, the artists, are hoping for a better turn out tonight.  I would hope people would just come out for a nice evening of art, conversation and wine even if they can't buy art.  It is nice to get feedback on one's work.  I am hopeful that tonight will be better.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

New Stuff...

I have been working on some new things for the studio open house coming next weekend.  I created a few wall pieces and still need to frame them.  This first one is "House Spirit #1".  He is the first one I made and is polymer clay over a canvas panel.  I used tissue paper and heavy acrylic gel medium to create the leafy texture.  I then painted and antiqued him.  He will be framed in a wide bamboo frame.

This is "house Spirit #2".  He was created using the same technique.  I will frame him in the same type of frame.

This is called the "Green Buddha" and is made as the house spirits above.  One thing I did not mention is that the panels were recycled failed paintings.  So, the Buddha lives up to the green theme of sorts.  I will frame him in a similar bamboo frame. Yes, I got them at a great price from a local Home Emporium store.  They were originally bamboo bowls.  Now they're frames.  I will get pictures of them on the wall once I get them framed.

Yes, I am posting another goblin here.  This piece was inspired by a wonderful artist named Dawn Schiller.  Her little Fae folk are so clever and wonderful.  She had some hermits and sea Fae folk that utilized sea shells.  I had some of these great shells and thought, Wow! I could make sea goblins.  So, here is Tantillis a Sea Goblin living in his nautilus shell.  He is a polymer clay sculpt with tiny glass bead eyes.  Painted with blue iridescent paint and antiqued with walnut stain.

This is the rear view of Tantillis.  Hope you enjoy the new stuff there is more to come.