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Thursday, September 01, 2016

September the month of Nines

It is September 1st and I felt compelled to post on my often ignored blog. Life seems to be running by faster and faster as the days pass. So much going on, work, art making, socializing, taking classes and so on. But, I have been finding myself taking more time out for spiritual reflection and renewal these days. It seems in some cases the world is going mad. But, is that a reflection of the crazy monkey mind I have these days? Perhaps so, as science is beginning to prove that we do indeed create our own reality. The above image was created as a reaction to that important observation and the articles I have been reading about quantum physics and the nature of our universe and reality. This fascinates me greatly as it supports my spiritual views of existence.

Another favorite topic is spiritual energies, numerology and astrology which makes my non believing friends think I have lost it all. But, I find these topics help me understand my place in the universe and that is just fine with me. September is the month of nines. This tells me many things and helps me to pay attention to this energy. Following ones soul path, earth mission or whatever you want to call it. I like the thought of following my hearts desire for my life. Nine also calls into focus karma and all that we need to clear in that regard. A great spiritual teacher of mine once said that this time we are living in currently is the end of karma. It is our opportunity to transcend the karmic dance of life so we can move on in our souls journey. I believe that to the core of my being. So, much I have experienced in this life and know it was cashing in the karmic debt. perhaps there is a bit more to go. Karma fortunately can be both positive and negative. I think I have given back all the negative so now I am ready for the positive to finish out that account. Signs are everywhere from the universe. The last day of August, I bought some food items and my total came to $9.99. I found that to be very auspicious for the month ahead. Then I got little bits of magical happenings all throughout the day.
 So, the above image speaks to that magical energy of nine. See if it appears in your life this month. Pay attention to the signs and signals the universe is sending you.

Lastly, I have been wondering how to really hone in on my creative life and create the life I truly wish to live. For many months I have felt so tired and exhausted not knowing why. My health is okay so, what is the issue. As I looked at my life I realized I have fallen into a big rut and have been very complacent about my life and where I am going. I am not trying to worry about the future as much as wanting to bring my life more into alignment with my souls yearnings of the kind of life I wish to live. Now is the time to take steps no matter how small to accomplish just that. It can be really hard to push myself into action. Yet, I know this is a must for me to be truly happy. Happiness is one of the best states of being we can be at in this life. It requires purposefully putting ourselves in a happy state of mind even when we don't feel it. Find your happy place no matter how small, is the guidance my soul gives me everyday. Yes, I get distracted and need to be gently reminded often. But, that is okay. I love myself enough to be kind and patient when I feel grumpy or out of sorts. One thing I do know is being in the flow of creative energy is bliss for me. That is the place I belong and so have to find ways to keep me there for as long as possible. I hope you all can find your place of bliss. Have a great month ahead and keep a look out for those magical nines/