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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dark Artists Treasure Hunt Begins....

The members of the Dark Artist Guild are having a treasure hunt. You will need to go to DAG's Dark Artists Guild site to view the participating blogs and also the grand prize. It is a great way to view some art and a chance to win something really cool. So, here are the roolz.

This contest is open to anyone, except participating blogs and current DAG Members.


1) You have to Follow DAG's Blog

2) Become a Follower on my Blog and other Participating Blogs

3) Leave a Comment in the Contest Posts (HERE, DAG and Other Participating BLOGS)!
4)Treasure hunters should be looking for one of THE ABOVE ICONS on the Participating Blogs:

PARTICIPATING BLOGS: (Make sure you check out DAG's Blog for more Blog Participants)!


GRAND PRIZE: OOAK Mad Hatter Art Doll (The Grand Prize is being offered by the ever so talented MarZel over

Sunday, July 19, 2009

WIP More Mergoblins

Now that I have posted the first finished Mergoblin. I thought you might like to see a bit of the process. Currently these are the last two Megoblins that I am working on. Unfortunately it doesn't always occur to me to take in progress pictures. So this is number two with his base coat of paint on. He is a polymer clay sculpt one of a kind as all of my pieces are these days. I am still incorporating the willow branches I have at my disposal. The plan is to use these on a few more pieces other than Mergoblins.

Here is a close up of the head that was the original head bead I made you can see in an earlier post. The cool thing about this whole process, is that it gives me so many ideas and also I learn new techniques or ways of adding more to the sculpting process. When I step back and see my work from the past several years, I see I have come a long way. I am excited by that.

OK this is number three in progress. Here you can see the baked clay body and how I positioned the body. He is in a different pose and also I tried to vary the texture a bit. He is also made using the recycled head bead. All three of the pieces are approximately 12 - 14 inches long.

Here is a close up view of the head on number three so you can see the original bead and how it fits into the sculpture. He will receive a base coat of paint too before the detail painting begins. I find this really helps with the color layering process.

I recently made a trip to my local art museum to see a show on a recent collection of fine art/craft pieces. The show was magnificent to experience. There were pieces made from glass, wood and clay. The variety was amazing. But, what struck me was the power these pieces had. You could see the thought and care that each artist put into their work. That was so inspiring to me. It was obvious to me that they not only considered the piece itself as important, but how it related to the environment around it. That somehow affected me deeply inside. I have a different view of my art now. A better understanding of how the type of art I make fits into the world around it. The validity of it in the context of how it fits into the art world and the world as a whole. I think that is a major milestone for me as an artist Now I am beginning to think of my work as greater than just myself. I hope that makes some sense.

Well, now that I have finished my diatribe on my personal soul searching as an artist, I hope you have enjoyed your visit here today.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

ADO Art Dolls Only Elements Challenge - Water

OK, without further ado here is my entry for the ADO Art Dolls Only challenge The Elements . Please go visit the ADO blog to see some of the great entries for this challenge.

Introducing for the first time anywhere, the Mergoblin. He is the first of his kind to grace my blog and studio. Several of his relatives are planning a visit real soon. He is a polymer clay one of a kind sculpt. He has a recycled head that was made for an earlier project. The eyes are fresh water pearls that have been dyed. His tail is made from a type of willow tree.

I know the photography isn't spectacular but, I wanted to get him up on the blog in time.

Here is a closer view of his head area.

This is the other side view. He is mounted on a wooden base suspended by a wire inserted into a brass tube. I painted the brass tube blue to match the stand. This was a fun challenge that got me to think outside my usual box. Hope you enjoy him.

ADO Art Dolls Only Challenge The Four Elements

Tomorrow is the big day. All of the participants are to post their entries for the ADO Art Dolls Only Four Elements challenge. They have graciously offered to allow non members participate. I have been working really hard on a number of pieces that qualify and have to choose one. My original idea of doing an earth wizard goblin is not ready yet. I still have a bit of work to do on him. But, I will have a water element piece for tomorrow.. So, you will have to wait until then.

I hope you are all having a great week so far.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The first Gooney Goblin Bird spotted in Cincinnati...

Well, as I promised you all earlier this week, here is the first Gooney Goblin bird. He was inspired by one of the heads that I made from a recycled goblin head bead. He is polymer clay and stand about six inches high. I retained the original color scheme of the head of red and green. I did add a bit of bright blue to get rid of the Christmasesque coloring. This first shot is an angled profile. Sorry, I am still having shaky hand syndrome.

Here is a rear shot showing off his tail.

This is a side mug shot of him. He will have five other companions at some point. He is mounted on a simple wooden base. I hope to get a few more sculpted this weekend. My summer vacation is coming to a rapid close and I do not want to return to work at the art store. I just want to keep sculpting. I am having so much fun. Later y'all.

DAG (Dark Artists Guild) Treasure Hunt, Tally Ho!

Ay, maties it is time for a new adventure. Now you can search for treasure to win an assortment of femented goodies. So let the fun begin. Here is a peak at what I will be giving away.

My offering for the treasure hunt is this lovely Sea Goblin. He is a poly clay sculpt one of a kind. So, stop back and see how it all works.

The rules: You must be a follower or become one of DAG and this Blog, as well as Comment in the Treasure Hunt Post to win the prize on THIS Blog. To win the Grand Prize you must be a follower and have posted a comment on all the blogs participating in the Hunt, and be a follower on DAGs blog. to get to the DAG site please click on the DAG Dark Artists Guild logo in the side bar. Have fun and get searching. You have this skull, no go forth and find the rest.

Tally ho!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Gooney Bird Goblin Heads....

Gooney birds, Gooney birds everywhere you look. OK, I know this is a bit different or is it? Here are a group of heads I have made and they have actually existed in a few incarnations. First let me apologise for the not so great photography. I was anxious to post something this week and let you see some of my fun junk. Yes, they are a bit bright for my usual stuff. But, hey an artist needs to jump into a different stream once in a while. This is a group shot of the heads there are six of them. I call them Gooney Goblin Birds. My partner said that they weren't really birds, but goblins with big noses. My response was they are goblin birds if I say they are end of story.

They are made of polymer clay with glass bead eyes. The original head was actually intended to be a goblin bead. Each made in a color of the rainbow for pride month. But, I didn't end up wearing them so there they sat on my work table. I had been thinking about different animals and characters of late so I thought I could make little bird like creatures out of them. All I needed to do was make a beak like structure on the face to give that impression. I have been influenced somewhat by the art of Neil Gaiman of "Mirrormask" fame. Anyhoo, I am trying to figure out how I want to create the bodies for these fun little heads. I am working on several other creatures of goblin origins too and will post those later when they are complete or I can get my camera to the studio to take work in progress pictures.

They are not really numbered in any particular way other than the order they were uploaded. Here is head number one.

Another view of head number one.

Here is head number two. You will soon notice that I used an interesting color scheme for the heads.

View number two for the second head.

Just one view of head number three. As I stated earlier my photographic skill was a bit shaky and it is evident in these pics. Sorry about that. That is also the unfortunate side effects of being legally blind and trying to take pictures. I rely heavily on auto focus technology.

Head number four. Only one view of this one too.

here is head number five. A little snooty pose I think.

Another view of head number five.

Head number six and the last one in the series. Oh, I do like creating works in a series sometimes. This one sort of just happened that way.

The final view and it is of head number six again. So, did you notice the color scheme? I hope you liked taking a peak into the beginnings of some fun little pieces. I will certainly post the finished works once I get them there. For now they are just sitting there on my work table disembodied.

Monday, July 06, 2009

The Secret Garden and DAG Treasure Hunt

I hope all of my American fans had a great fourth of July weekend. For me, it was the beginning of my summer vacation. During which I plan on making as much art as I can and doing some much needed unwinding too. The first of said unwinding experiences was a trip to a place hear in southwest Ohio called the Secret Garden. It is a quaint little spot created by a family to transform their little farm into an oasis of sorts for visitors to unwind and enjoy a bit of nature. It isn't like a state park, more like a glorified garden shop. There were some interesting things and of course you could buy decorations for your own garden from those displayed throughout the garden. The above picture shows some of this. My partner and I purchased a fun wrought iron stake for our little back yard oasis.

One of the things that struck me was how they used objects to create an artsy feel. I love these bamboo poles and the composition it created in the environment.

Another thing I like is how they took an ordinary door and made it into a simple sculptural form. Odd yes, but I like it too.

One of the wooded views on the little garden paths. It was a beautiful balmy day. The smell was so relaxing too.

This archway I thought was so cool. It reminded me of some magical doorway into another realm. The goblins love these too.

Some water bird sculptures that were placed by the big pond. These just make me feel relaxed just by looking at them. The pond I have to mention was this curious blue green color. We were trying to figure out if it was natural or artificially colored. I didn't ask the owners.

OK, the Dark Artists Guild I belong to is sponsoring a treasure hunt and art give away. It will start around the 22nd of July so stay tuned for the rules and details. All of us that are participating will be offering a prize and there will be a grand prize to the person finding all the treasures. So, stay tuned y'all.