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Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Work, "Ghost Dancer"

Hi there out in blog land.  I thought I'd post a few new pieces I have been working on for an upcoming show.  I will be debuting these and some other things at the October Essex Studios art walk on October 5 and 6.  Anyway, these are from my more introspective and spiritual side.  I call them Ghost Dancers and are kind of tributes to experiences and thoughts about life.  It has been a rough summer yet again.  I am not sure why I feel so melancholy lately.  Is it the end of an era, the world, culture or simply just a transition phase into something else.  I think it is a complicated process of growing and evolving as a person and inhabitant of this universe.

So, I hope you enjoy a look into a different side of my creative expression.  Most of these are around 18" high give or take an inch.  They are mixed media with the foundation being some of the elm and dogwood tree branches saved from a tree pruning a few years back.  I used to make this format for some of my figures a few years back and really liked the primitive almost tribal look.  I really love this style of figurative work.

"Solemn Knocking"

"When the Animals Have Gone"


"In Memory of Nita"

"Technology Remembered"

There you have it.  Something new as I promised.  I hope to get a few more pictures of new pieces as I finish them.  I have one more nature spirit piece that is almost finished.  Thank you for your support and visits here.  It is much appreciated.  You are all awesome.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Quickie Update

Hi my fellow art friends out there in blog land.  I wanted to at least post a quick update on one of my projects.  Here is the whole gang of six alter ego dolls I am making for friends.  Can you feel the rainbow?  I really love the pattern I ended up designing in the end.  It was originally based on a Meo Feroy pattern but, it just wasn't what I really was looking for in the shape.  So, I pulled out an old torso pattern and then began tweaking it and redoing the other parts to fit my torso pattern.  So, here are the naked hairless results.  The next stage is hair and facial detailing and then cloths.  I have a shirt from each of my friends that I will be transforming into the clothing for each doll.  Can you guess which color is mine?  This has been such fun so far and has inspired some other ideas.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope to post more stuff in the next week.  Until thing peace and love.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Experiments for the Graphic Novel Project

Hello out there in blog land.  I apologize for the long delays in posting.  It has been a busy few weeks for many reasons.  One of which I am experimenting on some Photoshop techniques for processing the images for my Graphic Novel Project or GNP as I lovingly call it now.  The series of images were made from a series of photographs my friend David Walker took of my studio when I had made lots of heads waiting for their next stages of development 

I used a cool filter called Lithograph to get the basic effect.  Then it was tweaked in the image menu with the adjustments functions.

This image is a cropped version from the above using a adjustment palette of saturation and contrast  to achieve this look.

This is another image using color saturation and contrast in addition to a noise filter called dust and scratches.

Finally this is a two layer picture that uses the lithograph filter with a layer of technical pen sketch filter that is blended together here to create a color sketch look.  I also used the noise filter to give a bit of an edge.  I like the third version the best but, will continue to experiment.  I am trying to see if I want to mimic the look of a hand drawn and colored graphic novel or just use the photography of the characters and scenes straight up with little processing.  This will be a fun process.

Until next time my friends and followers.  Thanks for your continued support.  I have also been busy applying for some grants to help me fund this massive project.  Stay tuned.