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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Symbolic Meaning of Death

Hello web travelers. I hope this week is treating you well and not giving you any tricks. Tis the passing between seasons and the beginning of autumn. That also means Halloween is just around the corner. So, today I decided to ponder the symbolic meaning of death and how we use it to describe various stages or events in our lives. Now I am not talking about literal death as in kicking the bucket. I mean the changing of ourselves. Those times in our lives we let go of something. Many times this is through trauma but sometimes it is of our own choosing.

As an artist, I have seen myself go through these cycles of life and death within my art. Going from one medium or period of creativity to another. In my case it is my relentless search to try and better myself or find a better outlet for my inner vision. Thus my recent push in photography which has given my inner vision an outer manifestation. But, the other issue for me is that I have been missing the actual making of something with my hands. Since the onset of arthritis in my left hand sculpting is all but non existent. It is too painful to do much of it. So, I began to feel sorry for myself. Now what will I do?

As the Universe always does, it gave me a push and an answer. I was recently asked to create a healing doll for someone. In the past when I made these on a regular basis, I made them entirely out of cloth and other fibers. So, I decided to do the same this time around. Once I began to contemplate how I was going to do this, I remembered that once upon a time I used to design entirely in cloth. Gave that up once I discovered clay and all of it's detail possibilities. But, now the spiral has come around and I am once again looking at cloth. It will be slow and steady, but it will get me into the grove again. You can also bet that photography will feature heavily in the mix somewhere.

It will be fun to try something old in a new way. Glad I didn't throw out all of my old pattern designs. I will have fun tweaking and updating some of them. Will keep you all posted of my progress.

Have a great weekend.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Discarded Portfolio Part 1

Hello Saturday surfers. Hope your weekend is going well where ever you are today. I have been going to a season full of art openings which I do enjoy. It is nice as it gives me pause to look at the work I have been making over the past year or so. In my last photography class our final assignment was to create a portfolio based on a theme or subject of our own choosing. My final choice was that of trees. But, that is not what this post is about. Instead I thought I'd share a few images from my discarded ideas. One was that of images of dolls in a human environment. I like the idea of these dolls living in an alternate time frame along side of we humans. We don't see or perceive their movements. We are out of time sync with them. I know that sounds very scifi or Dr. Who'ish but, that's my way of looking at them.

The above picture is a black and white treatment of one doll I made I call the Prophetess. She is a little touched, whether by God or not remains to be seen. But, she spends her days preaching the coming doom of all doll kind to anyone willing or unwilling to listen. I thought this treatment gave a particularly creepy vibe.

The second image is that of my fortune teller psychic Willimena Tomko. I wanted to create a painterly feel for this image. It was one I snapped after I had finished her and she was sitting on my work table. I just love the lighting of this image. I am planning on a more elaborate photograph of her with all of her tools of her trade. She photographs quite well I think.

So, I have been busy exploring a variety of subjects figuring out what I want to say with my art. Let me know when I get there will ya. Hope you are enjoying my journey as much as I am at least. Hope you all have a great weekend whats left of it.