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Sunday, October 31, 2010

And the Winner is!

Since I am making an early night of it.  I pulled the name of the winner of my Halloween giveaway.  So the winner of the Dark Angel Baby is

Joyce from Pittsburgh.  

Please contact me with your snail mail info and I will send off your prize.  Thank you to everyone who played along.  It was truly fun.  Don't forget I am doing my first internet class starting December 1st, you can read about it in the precious post.  Have a great evening everyone.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Artspell - The Alchemy of M.E. Class

At long last I am now ready to offer this class to the world.  It is something that is near and dear to my heart.  Ten years in the making.  This class combines many elements from previous classes to create a comprehensive art experience.  So, what is this class about you are thinking.  Artspell is a class designed to do several things.  One, it is a great resource for some interesting and fun art techniques.  It is designed for those who want to learn how I sculpt, create figures, do mixed media, use of acrylic mediums and paints and so on. Secondly, it is a multi step process that helps you to discover who you are as an artist, as a creator.  We explore the three elements of the self and how that shapes the artist in you.  Thirdly, it is a beginning approach to using art as a trans-formative and healing tool for you and others that you love.

I use a variety of spiritual, psychological and philosophical views and information that I have learned over some 30 years of my life.  Yes, the mystical arts are covered as well some interesting psychology, mythology and cultural information.  This class will be offered in a closed blog format.  This will serve as a forum for each student to post his or her ideas in the comments section in a safe and secure way.  The class will be six weeks long.  Which means there will be six lessons with lots of information, how to pictures, hopefully some video too.  There will be exercises for each of the lessons resulting in a work of art or two.  Also, the class will guide you in the making of your own healing doll, figure or mixed media art piece.  Thus, this class isn't just for doll makers, sculptors or mixed media.  It is for anyone wanting to expand their creative horizons.

OK, here is the break down:

Week #1 - Introduction and Basics.  You will learn to create your own book if you wish as well as sculpting basics, creating your own simple patterns.Why journaling is really important for self discovery and documentation.  How the five elements work for you.

Week#2 - The physical world around you, your environment, color and light, earth element.  Food and it's creative affect.  Music and sound.

Week#3 - The Emotions and your brain.  Mythology and the hero's journey, dreams, the water element, what's your story?

Week#4 - The spirit, mystical tradition, arcane knowledge, tarot, fortune telling, seeing the signs.

Week#5 - Your story, putting it all together, your self portrait. The Alchemy of My Experiences.

Week#6 - Creating art that heals and comforts.  Conclusion, final thoughts.

There you have it.  If this sounds like a class you can learn something in, then join us.  The class will begin on December 1st. and a new lesson will be posted each successive Wednesday.  I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  I am offering this comprehensive class for first time students $45. I only have room for 100 students in each session.   So, if you want to get in on this ground breaking class and be one of the first then click the buy now button to the left in the sidebar.  I will add your name to the list along with your email so you can have access to the class when it starts.  I would like to thank several people for encouraging me to get this off the ground.  Kajy a great friend and my coworker at Plaza Art, my partner Buck, MarZel of The Play of Light and Shadow and last but certainly not least Michelle of Crow Haven  Farm.

 I hope you will join me for this fun class experience.

Creepy Orphan Society Sept/Oct Challenge

Well, I finally finished my September/October challenge, "Morbid Curiosity" for the Creepy Orphan SOciety.  I have to say I don't do creepy that often.  The last was my Halloween giveaway piece.  But here is the "Great Horned Boney Bird".  He is a polymer clay sculpt over a wood and wire armature.  That is wrapped with batting and fabric strips to fill out the gody.  I made his talons out of wire and paper.  His tail is another piece of fantail willow.  I just love using those.  The skin of his body is strips of decorative paper applied.  Once that was dry, I applied the black netting over it as a drape or cloak like piece.  Then he was finished with little pieces of a pink and dark gray fake fur.  I like how he finally turned out.  The cool thing about some of the more artsy pieces I have made in the last few months, is that I have been developing some fun techniques.  I plan on using these for future projects.

This is a close up of his upper body.  So, there is the first challenge for our fledgling group.  I enjoy the Creepy Orphan Society, a great group of artists and it is fun to share.  It gives me a chance to explore a bit of the darker side of things.  Have a great fun Saturday my friends out there in blog land.  Tomorrow I announce the details of my new class.  I hope you will come back and check it out.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Long Week!!!!

Hello, and welcome back to my little art blog.  It's been a week, as in odd and somewhat stressful.  Not all bad, but it keeps you exhausted and anxious.  Anyway, I wanted to share with you this little guy.  He's another in the Dweedle series.  His name is Ozloh, and he gets lost in thought a lot.  Even while walking through his forest he suddenly starts going off into some far away thought.  So, far he has escaped serious injury.  Ozloh is a polymer clay sculpt over a paper mache and wire armature.  He stands about 6 inches high.  His wisp of hair is wool from a local provider.

Well, that's it for show and tell.  I am hoping to announce the details of my big class that I have been working on for a very long time.  So, stay tuned this weekend.  Don't forget to enter my Halloween giveaway.  Just scroll down to the next post for details.  Have a great Friday everyone.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween Giveaway!

1st Annual Halloween Giveaway!!!

I am doing one last giveaway for the year.  So, without further ado, here is Dark Angel Baby for my tribute to Halloween.  In order to have a chance at winning him you must fulfill the requirements below.

1.  Be a follower of this blog.
2. Leave a comment on this post and make sure I have contact information.
3. Tell me about your favorite Halloween thing.

That's it, the winner will be chosen on Halloween.  You can leave more than one comment if you wish.  Hope you all have a ghoulishly wonderful Halloween season.  Good luck my friends.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Monday Catch Up

OK, two posts in one week is rare for me I know.  But, I thought I'd play catch up while I can.  This is a busy season for me and I have lots of creating to do.  In addition to that, I decided to give my blog a new look for October.  Hope you like it.  It needed a bit of something.  I am not sure this is it.  But, in the spirit of adventure and creativity I thought what the heck.  This little guy is the first in a limited series of characters.  He is a Dweedle.  They are little magical beings that aren't quite convinced that they are magical.  So, whenever they make magic it tends to be accidental and without intention.  This little one is trying to lift something quite heavy and out of reach to make way for his walking.  He hasn't quite got it yet.

Here's another view of the guy.  No, he doesn't have a name yet.  When I try to ask him he mumbles something that sounds like Moot.  So, maybe I will call him Mumbbly Moot.  He is a polymer clay sculpt over a cotton egg and wire armature.  His face is a recycled goblin head bead I made two years ago. I didn't use the beads as they were too heavy for the necklace I was making.  Nothing like recycling to spur creativity.  Have a great week one and all.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Essex open house Pictures

Well, another Essex Studios open house come and gone.  It was a little lack luster this time around.  I guess there was more stuff going on in the city.  We had perfect October weather for it though.  I decided to show you some pics I took in the studio.  I didn't get to walk around much.  Yes, I did sell some small items.  Anything is better than none.

So, to start off the pictures here is a picture of "The Keeper of Ancient Knowledge" in her finished state hanging on the wall.  She looked so elegant and otherworldly there.  I received many positive comments on all of my work.  Her costume is made from fabric and torn pieces of decorative papers from Thailand saturated with Ultra Matte Medium.  I love this stuff.  She is approximately 24" tall.\

Here is a close of the Keeper.  Her hair is a hand dyed wool from a local sheep and goat farmer.

Next we have another recently completed piece entitled "What Till They Get a Load of Me" and he was a really fun piece that made people laugh out loud.

This is a shot of my table full of my children as I call them.  Since I am one of three in the studio at this time, I have one whole side to myself.  Starting in the new year there will just be myself and my partner in the studio.  More room for stuff and I will be offering classes there.

Hah and Zah are there perched on the wall together where they love it.

Another new piece called "Yayeh".  He was fun to make.  He is a polymer clay sculpt.  His head is made from a bead that I made two years ago.

Lastly I end with Willow Woman in all her glory hanging out in the main hall greeting passersby.  It was a nice weekend all in all.  The visitors were very engaging and the questions were great fun to answer.  Our next open house is in December.  That is the holiday open house.  I am planning some fun ornaments this year.  Have a great week everyone.