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Sunday, June 06, 2010

More New Sneak Peeks

Here I am at the end of one week and the beginning of another.  I wanted to post some in progress pics of more new direction pieces.  This has been a summer of change so far for me.  So, I am feeling a sense of urgency and need to get a few art pieces done before my surgery next week.  Above is Old Woman Willow sculpted and cured.  I am using some curly willow again and have used super sculpey and apoxie sculpt for the body sections.  I am planning on creating a number of pieces that incorporate these branches.  This idea all started with my sea goblins.  Using seashell to make the home or extensions of the goblins body gave rise to these hybrid works.  Years ago I used sticks for the main support element in some of my wall pieces.  Evolution is a good thing here I suppose.

There is a close up as the first picture to give you a better view of the willow womans face.  Next I get to paint her up and add any details.  More later I hope.  I am off to work today, yuk!  I hate having to work Sundays.  But, the manager is on vacation and as one of the assistants I have to fill in.   There are two people off on vacation this week.  Cio!