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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Second Chocolat Show Piece

Happy Tuesday out there to all my artist friends and beyond.  I wanted to post a quickie picture of the second piece for the upcoming Chocolat show at the Prairie Gallery here in Cincinnati.  He is the Cocoa Goblin.  As you can see he is accompanied by some little marshmallow critters.  He's polymer clay over a paper mache armature with glass marble eyes.  He is sitting in a cup my partners mom gave me since she thinks I collect cow stuff still.  She is a wonderful mom.  So, anyway hope you find him amusing.  Now I can focus on getting a few last minute pieces for Winterfair and the Essex Studios open house both coming up rapidly.  These are the last three shows of the year.  Then I can concentrate on my online class so my students have lots to do and learn.  Cheers to you all and Happy Turkey day to those in the USA.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Secret Artworks Revealed

Hello out there in blog landia.  Hope you have had a great week so far.  If not, it will get better.  Anyway, I wanted to finally share with you all another set of works.  These were created for one of my favorite charities.  Artworks Cincinnati is celebrating their 15 year anniversary this year and five years hosting the Secret Artworks.  The premise is invite artists to create works of art that are 5x7 inches.  They can only be signed on the back.  So, when they are displayed no one knows whose work it is until it is purchased.  They have a big to do where patrons come and buy the pieces at $75 each.  A bargain for sure.  The money goes to giving teenagers and local artists a job in the summer creating public art.  The artists act as teachers and mentors to the kids.  It is a great thing here in Cincinnati.  I have participated since it's beginnings five years ago.  So, I created four polymer clay sculpts.  The first one above is called "Oohlah Bird, Goblin".  Polymer clay over artist panel and painted with acrylics.

This peice is "Forest Rabbit Goblin", which was a fun little guy to make.

Here is the "Sea Hag Goblin", she has some opalescent colors which give her a shimmer.

Last but not least is the "Tibetan Mountain Goblin" and was one of the first to be sold.  Each of these pieces also has designs embossed into the backgrounds which I tried to match to the theme of the piece.  I love doing these and will be making many more for myself to sell.  Three of the pieces sold while I was in attendance which was a proud moment for me.  It is a worthwhile cause.  I am looking forward to next years event too.  They have lots of great snacks, booze, and tons of patrons.  This provides great networking opportunities too.  It is held at a downtown hotel in their banquet rooms and is the highlight of my year.  So, I hope you all enjoyed viewing some of what I have been up to of late.  Now it is time to get back to the lair and finish up some other works.  Happy weekend to you all.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sneak Peek

Hello to all my artist friends and followers out there.  I wanted to share a sneak peek of a piece I finished for a group show.  The show is called Chocolat and as it's title suggests has the theme of chocolate.  The show opens at the Prairie Gallery located in the Northside neighborhood of Cincinnati on December 3rd.  So, the first of two pieces is entitled "The Chocolate Thief" he is a polymer clay over wire armature full body sculpt.  The thief is perched atop his pedestal with the remnants of his spoils all around him.  He admires the last of his spoils in anticipation of how good it will taste.  The piece is about 14" tall all together.  I am working on the second piece now and hope to have him ready by this weekend.

Also, I wanted to remind you all of the class I am teaching online.  It is called Artspell the Alchemy of M.E. and you can read about it here  The class sign up closes on December 3rd.  I hope you can join me.

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week..

Monday, November 08, 2010

Mini Me!

Happy Monday everyone.  I hope you all are doing well out there.  Well, I managed to finish my self portrait challenge doll and earlier than I thought this time.  I still have time to get some ornaments made.  In the meantime, here's my mini me.  The story is, this is myself twenty years into the future.  I have become an eccentric old wizard.  But, I am not the robe wearing type, so I am dressing myself in something a bit more modern.  A little rough around the edges and I have let my hair and beard grow out a bit.  When you're old and magical you can get away with it.  He's a polymer clay head, hands and feet.  His coat is a pieced together one made out of leather scraps from a leather coat I once wore.  His hat is also made from the same leather as are his boot cuffs.  Every piece of clothing is either hand sewn or glued.

Here is the close view of my head.  The glasses were made by my partner Buck.  He is really good at detail and these look like the ones I currently wear.  I think I will hire him to make all of my accessories from no on.  Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing my mini me.  I hope to post about my ornaments and Chocolat show pieces soon.  Until then, have a great week.  Cio!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Self Portrait WIP

Well I finally have time to post a work in progress.  It is the self portrait challenge piece for the local doll guilds annual show.  This years challenge was creating a self portrait.  Now, we could take liberties.  Meaning, we could do a portrait that reflects who we wish to be, see ourselves or a literal portrait.  So, I opted for how I might appear as one of my favorite fantasies, a wise old wizard.

I don't know about you, but having to do this challenge was just that.  It was difficult looking at myself and trying to be objective.  Also, it is really odd trying to project myself into the future and also capture the essence of my dream self.  What was really exciting was I got the figure to stand on his own.  I hope that I can maintain this delicate balance.

Here is a close up of my head.  I am about half way there.  I still need to cloth me and add what hair I may want.  This is a polymer clay head hands and feet.  His body is a wire armature wrapped with layers of batting.  I am still debating on how to skin this one.  I have several techniques I use and I am not sure how I am costuming myself.  So, I an gong to walk away for a few minutes to let this one percolate a bit.  So, until next time, have a good weekend everyone.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

RiverCity Figurative Artist' Guild Annual Show and Sale

Just a quick post to let you all know about a show i;ll be in here in good ole Cincinnati.  It is the RiverCity Figurative Artist' Guild annual show and sale.  Hope to have a bunch of new work and my self portrait challenge piece there.  Hope you all out there are having a good week so far.  It's getting cold already here.  Oh, and don't forget about my class that starts on December 1st.  You can read about it here and sing up in the left side of the blog.  Hope to post some art later this week.  Thank you for stopping by.