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Monday, July 26, 2010

Mystery Mondays

Mystery Mondays, that sounds rather generic I know.  But, I thought I'd try something fun to start the week off.  I am always trying to find ways to inspire and encourage me to make art consistently instead of when ever the energy or mood hits.  It seems it is easy to get complacent after something like major surgery.  There are no excuses at this point now.  I am feeling much better, with a nice bit of energy to start my days.  But, I seem to give in to laziness and use my being a bit tired to just give up the ghost.  Anyway, I am digressing just a bit here.  Mystery Mondays came out of my noticing other artists sharing a bit of their creative processes.  Like Sketched out Mondays that Michael DeMeng does, so I thought it would be fun to give you all a glimpse into my little world.  I will tell you right now, that I am off in a hundred different directions with my sculpture right now, so who knows what will actually end up on the finish line these days.  Too many ideas flying around in the old noodle I guess.

In the above picture are a good number of the heads I am working on in various stages.  They go from the just getting started armature stage like the egg and cube shaped ones to the middle way flat man in the moon faces on to the finished man and skull heads.  Now you get to imagine or guess what these will end up becoming.  One direction that I am currently loving is the revisit of some talisman like pieces I did years ago. I make these pieces I call House Mojos and they were essentially a protection spirit for your home.  So, I am hoping to make a few of these kinds of pieces but, with a lot more sophistication than they had in the early years.  I am also into making fantasy based mixed media sculpts too.  Who knows what direction these heads will take me.  But, that is the mystery and the fun of it I think.  Have a wonderful Monday out there all my cyber friends.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Finished UFO

As promised, here is the finished version of one of my UFOs.  This isn't such a great photo of it but, hopefully you can get the idea.  I call this piece "Spirits of the Grove" and represents the souls of the trees that are released after being chopped down.  I have a great bit of anger towards reckless clearing of our precious trees even in the city where they are needed the most.  Power companies justify it by saying it interferes with their power lines.  So, this is my humble healing piece for the trees that I am sending out into the universe.  I love trees and respect them for what they do for us and the planet.

Below is the pre-finished version to refresh your memory of where it started out it's life.

Don't forget to enter my July giveaway that was listed in the previous post.  Just scroll down and you will find it there.  I hope you all have a smashing weekend coming up.  Stay cool if you can and go forth and create.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Cleaning, Feeling Better and July Giveaway

Wow! what a difference another week makes.  I am feeling a lot better since my surgery about a month ago.  It has been a long haul it seems to me.  But, I know our bodies need plenty of time to heal from major surgery.  Despite the ever present exhaustion and other physical unpleasantness, I am feeling more like my old self.  So, I have been cleaning up my home studio so I can be inspired to work on art again.  I am in big withdrawal from sculpting and such.  But, I needed to make room to move and spread out a bit.  Still need to clear off my work table a bit.  But, I have plenty of projects in the works to keep me busy.

Now on to the give away.  I am so excited to see the new followers.  You all rock and make my day everyday.  It is so much fun and an honor to share my world of eclectic fantasy with you.  Whilst cleaning and listening to my Itunes library, I came across a selection of patterns I've been meaning to give away.  So, here is my July give away.

Five cloth doll patterns:

"A Stargaze Threesome" by Patti Maderis Culea

"Granny Moon" by Allison Marano

"Illuminat" by Mary Ann Kaahanui

"Auntie Kate" by Ruth Landis

"Curly Shirley" by Sally Lampi

To be put in the giveaway, just comment on this post and also be a follower.  After all it is to celebrate all of you faithful followers out there.  I will draw the winner by random number on August 1st.  Good luck.

Stay tuned, I plan on posting the finished threesome piece I showed you in the last post.

Friday, July 02, 2010

UFOs from my past or Starting a new

I don't know about you, but I have been on this kick of returning to unfinished objects de art or UFOs as I call them.  You know some great idea you have at one time and just didn't finish or take it to it's obvious conclusion.  Here are two such examples.  I brought these home from my away from home studio back in May after our last open house.  I started these last summer when I was just messing around with some stuff. As you know I am into this Icon kick of late.  These are some little sculpts made from some of my own molds attached to a small 6x6 inch canvas.  The background is actually made with graphite blended into a clear molding paste like stuff.  A friend of mine gave me some to play with.  She uses this stuff in her theater design job for doing texture on sets and things.  It is interesting.  Anyway, I am going to transform these gals into pieces based on the idea of the number three.  You know the three fates or three virtues kind of thing?

This panel is the one with the graphite mixed into the texturing stuff.  It gives an interesting old dirty look or quality to the background.  I am not sure it will survive the redo though.  Who knows what will happen.  I have to sit and look at them and ponder which direction and who these gals are supposed to be or represent.

Secondly, here is the one without the graphite mixed in to the texture stuff.  I think the stuff is called Sculpta Coat or something like that.  Next time I talk to Lisa, my friend I will ask her the name of it.  Just in case any of you out there might be interested in it.

Guess it's obvious that I am feeling a bit better.  It doesn't hurt that I am getting bored just laying about.  Don't worry I am pacing myself and not over doing it.  This recovery thing really bites for sure.  But, I am really on the mend.  Thanks again for stopping by and for the continuing encouragement.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Cosmic Clown

Wow!  That didn't take long.  So let me introduce you to the Cosmic Clown.  He is the one that like to play tasteful jokes on you as you travel your spiritual journey.  Of course I don't think the jokes are always in good taste.  But, he says that's a matter of opinion.  Usually his which ruffles me sometimes.  He is a poly clay head and attached to a funky piece of willow branch.  He has an assortment of fibers and beads I received in a door prize bag at our last meeting with the Indy doll group this past May.  I attached glass marbles as his little magical orbs along the bottom of the branch.

This one was a great deal of fun to make.  These pieces aren't all that sophisticated but, they make great blank canvas' to play around with.  I thinking of offering this as a class.  Anyway I hope you like both posts today.  Now I need to go and declutter my worktable a bit so I can start some new things.  Until next time love to you all and happy creating.

I finished one!

Oh, how sweet it is to finally get back to posting.  It seems like months even though I know it's only been a few weeks.  I have been through my prostate surgery and am recovering at home.  I will be returning to work at the art store next week.  I am not feeling ready for that but, I can't do without a paycheck for long.  Anyway, here is one piece that was almost finished before surgery that I finally did complete today.  She is old woman of the willow.  I am not sure where I am going from here creatively speaking.  I am not feeling overly enthusiastic to get into it again.  I am sure that is due to the surgery and recovery process.

Old woman of the willow is a polymer clay sculpt over a willow branch and then painted and glazed.  I added a bit of fiber to give her the feeling of some sort of greenery.  Not really sure about that one, but it is OK.

Here is a close up of her.  I really liked doing this sculpt.  It barely fit in the oven so I have to be careful how big I go.  There may be more pieces in this same vain, but I am in a very spiritually contemplative mode so that may be my focus for a bit.  I loved doing my icon pieces and want to do more of those.  I like doing the relief sculpts a lot.  We shall see how it goes.  I do have one other piece that is almost finished using a willow branch.  I hope to post him today or tomorrow.  Until then, a big thank you to all of you who have wished me well and sent me words of encouragement for a speedy recovery.  You all, my friends out there mean so much to me and to that recovery process.  I love you all so very much and look forward to visiting your blogs and websites on a daily basis to give me a bit of cheer and inspiration.  Keep up that fabulous art you all do and share and I will do my part.  Thank YOU!