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Sunday, September 27, 2009

October Open Studio Tour

I wanted to invite all you artsy people out there who may be in the Cincinnati Ohio area to come to the Essex Studios open house this coming weekend. My studio will be participating. I am in studio #251 and the building is located at 490 E. McMillan Ave. in Cincinnati Ohio 45206. It's in the Walnut Hills neighborhood. It is 6-11pm both Friday and Saturday. There's over 100 artists plus many outside artists or should I say non resident artists showing their work. We will also have music and other fun things. This is our anniversary show too, so it is the biggest of the year. Stop in and say hey if you make it.

This may be a slim week of posting as I am spending many hours getting the studio ready and also trying to finish up some things. Have a great week.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Final Dearly Departed

Now it is time to say our final farewells to the dearly departed for this week at any rate. Above we have poor Auntie Sue. She worked in a paper mill and fell into a vat of glue. It was a sticky situation to say the least. But, alas poor Auntie Sue drowning in a vat of glue. She was 62.

Finally we need to say goodbye to fine Uncle Jake. His early demise from choking on carrot cake. Not as sweet an ending as he would have imagined.

I hope all my art friends and followers have enjoyed my silly foray into the Halloween season. I hope to find something else to post soon if I only can manage the time. Make lots of fun for yourselves out there.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And still more dearly departed

Here is the third set of obituaries. Our dear Grandpa Lester. He was the family jester It was such a tragic event that befell him. For you see Grandpa Lester worked in a lemon factory. It was there that poor Grandpa Lester fell into the lemon zester. He was 73.

Nice brother Spence was out walking in the park when he came upon a hill. For some strange reason Spence fell and rolled down the hill and off onto a rot iron fence. It took them 7 hours to pull him off.

Edward Gorey I am not. But, these sure are fun.Two more tomorrow and that is it for this series.

More Dearly Departed

Once again we visit the realm of the dearly departed. Above we have cousin Thom. It was an unfortunate day for Thom. It was the day he found that old bomb. You know the ones left over from another war? Unfortunate cousin Thom blown up by a bomb.

Great Uncle Gable was quite fit and able. It came as such a shock. When Great Uncle Gable was torn into two by a telephone cable. Now he can see two halves of the equation easily.

You can meet more of the family tomorrow.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dearly Departed Series

I know you probably think I am manic out there. What the heck is he posting everyday now? Well, when you got'em, post'em I say. So, without further ado. May I present my first offering for the upcoming Halloween season my "Dearly Departed" series. There are eight total so far and they are magnets. They are the ghostly images of the dearly departed. Whose you might wonder? I'll never tell. Just their names. I used some molds I made to create the faces to save time. These were actually meant to be studies for some larger pieces I am in the planning stages with. I plan on posting two a day. The heads are polymer clay and then I used acrylic mediums and fabric and paper to make the shroud like parts. Then they were painted and glazed. They measure about the size of an artist trading card or a bit smaller.

The above image is of Dearly Departed cousin Tillie. Tillie poor Tillie, got kicked in the head by the nasty filly.

Here we have Dearly Departed Grand Nephew Gus. Poor poor Gus, didn't notice, he didn't notice the bus. Ran over and dragged, poor dear grand nephew Gus.

Tomorrow is the beginning of Autumn. I am so excited as it is my fave time of the year. I will post two more spirits tomorrow.

The third fish goblin

Alrighty then, here is the third and final fish goblin that is made from the curly willow branches. In case you are wondering, I do have a few more pieces. I am saving them for some other special projects coming up. But, here is fish goblin number three. He is also made with a recycled goblin head bead. His tail is the curly willow and his body is a wire armature that is made over part of the willow branch. He is polymer clay, miracle bead eyes and many layers of acrylic paints and glazes. All of my new pieces will be on display at the Essex Studios open house here in Cincinnati. It is taking place on October 2 and 3 from 6-11pm, 490 E. McMillan Ave. in Cincinnati. My studio is on the second floor #251. If you are in the area please stop by and have a peek.

I am now moving on to some Halloween inspired stuff as well as my Secret Artworks projects. I hope to get pics of the Halloween magnets I am making so I can post them this week. This is hell week at my job as I work in an art supply store near the University. It is back to school this week as they are on the quarter system still. I have an eleven hour and ten hour day coming up this week. Yuk! See all my friends on the flip side. Have a great creative week.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fish Goblin #2

Happy Sunday out there in blog land and to all my artist friends who pay me a visit from time to time. Here is another new creation. This is fish goblin #2. He doesn't have a name yet. He was made with a wire armature and I used a recycled goblin head bead. His tail is another piece of the curly willow branch. Several layers of paint and glazes color him nicely. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Second Earth Goblin Wizard

As promised, I am posting some pieces that are almost finished. This is my second earth goblin wizard his name is "Nazdi" and he is a teacher at the School for Creation. His classes are on the construction of rocky worlds like Mars. He specializes in mountains.

He is a wire armature that is then covered by Apoxy Sculpt. It is then covered with a textured paper and painted with many layers of transparent acrylic glazes. His hair is a nice piece of faux fur I bought in a huge bag of scraps. I found these at a Teddy Bear show some years ago. He is mounted on a piece of MDF that is about half an inch thick. It was treated with a variety of acrylic mediums such as pumice gel, garnet gel, black lava flakes and modeling paste. Then it was painted to resemble earth. He has his book of spells, walking stick and in front of him is the skull marker stone.

Here is a side view of "Nazdi" just to give you another vantage of him. Hope you enjoy meeting "Nazdi". I will be posting another new piece tomorrow. Have a good one everyone out there.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Yeti Goblin almost ready...

OK, you might remember a post or two back that I was working on a Yeti goblin? Well, I finally have him finished. His home isn't quite done yet but, will be in the next few days. This is the full frontal. I used New Zealand sheep skin wool for his hair. I just cut it off the skin.

Here is a side view so you can see he has a little bit of a tail.

And this is his backside. One thing is for sure these guys aren't shy. They are gentle looking but, fierce defenders of truth and secret knowledge.

Here is a look at the panel I am working on for his home. He will be standing on the little out cropping with the snowflake as his halo background. SO, hope you enjoy this first peek into what I am working on for the fall show season. I have some more to show in the days ahead. Stay tuned my friends.

Long Absence

Sorry for the long absence. It has been a busy few weeks here in goblin land. It is back to school time at the University of Cincinnati. The art store where I work is across the street and we will be hoping this coming week as the hapless students return and go out in search of their art supplies. Anyhoo, here are two pics pretty similar of the view outside my studio last night. It was a gorgeous sunset. I could not believe the beautiful oranges and mauve's that were a blaze int he sky. A great start to Autumn.

Here is a slightly different shot of the sky. It was inspiring to say the least. Never fear though I have been making stuff and will post some pics of finished pieces in the next few days. Our studio will be participating in an open studio tour the first weekend in October. So I have to get everything finished and the place cleaned up. So, thank you all for being patient with me and I will be back in a few days with some actual artwork fingers crossed.