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Friday, March 11, 2011

A New Year Ahead and a Look Back

Howdy out there in blog land.  I have to apologize for the lack of posts of late.  But, as some of you may be able to relate.  I have been going through a period of low motivation.  Not much work to show for it as a result.  But, I am gearing back up and preparing for a few classes I am teaching in Columbus Ohio in the next few weeks ahead.  This has been a tough winter creatively but, I am ready to tackle the thousands of ideas flying around in my head.  The Essex Studios open house was a great success and it really got the energy moving.

So, for this weeks post I thought I'd post a bit of my roots in the doll making realm.  Today is my 52nd year of life and I wanted to pay homage to the creative journey I began some twenty one years ago.  I started off making cloth dolls created for healing purposes.  What a great way to begin any creative journey, helping others find their hearts and health.  So, this first doll was a healing/spirit doll in the form of a cat.  He is called "Pizet of the Violet Flame".  My own design and hand painted features.  Created in 1996.

I know this isn't the earliest example of my doll making, but unfortunately I didn't take pictures of those as they were for healing and I didn't think about chronicling them.  I got a bit wiser in the next few years.  I actually started making dolls in 1990.

This next doll was created about 1998-99 and was inspired by the art of Paul Klee.  Who is one of my favorite twentieth century artists.  This doll is also of my won design for the pattern and replicates the painting Homage To Man by Paul Klee.

So, there you have a peek into my humble beginnings as a doll maker and sculptor.  Thank you all for following my creative journey.  It is always fun and rewarding to me.  I appreciate your friendship and your comments.

Have a grand weekend one and all.