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Friday, February 22, 2013

Charlotte's Angels

Episode Five

Charlotte finds herself in such an excited state she jumps up on the bench at the office to profess her new found direction.  Her angels as she calls them are captivated mostly because it has come as such a surprise and out of the blue.  Mesmerized they listen as Charlotte exclaims her epiphany   "I was just out wandering the streets and happened upon a coffee shop I hadn't been to before." Charlotte said breathlessly. She continues " ... and there was this group of people all sitting around listening to this guy.  I thought what's the deal with this dude.  Then I began to listen to what he was telling the others." Charlotte paused for a moment as if caught up in a dream.  "It was as if he knew what was wrong with me.  Why my life sucks." She stated. Meanwhile the girls began to come out of their stupor and looked at one another with puzzlement.  This didn't sound like the level headed boss of an all girl detective agency.  Marta and Mary Margaret knew that something truly profound has happened to Charlotte to cause this strange behavior.  Charlotte went on. " There is going to be a meeting where we get to hear the rest of what..." Suddenly Charlotte realized that her two most loyal employees were looking at her with total astonishment.

Marta finally spoke up. "Who is this amazing man you are talking about?"  Charlotte had an odd look on her face as she answered Marta.  " His name is, um, well I am not sure.  I don't think I recall hearing his name."

"What!" exclaimed Mary Margaret.  "You don't even know his name and you are ready to run off and follow this guy?"  Charlotte then began to get a little miffed.  "Who says I am running off with him.  I am just going to listen to what he has to say.  His words and message are beautiful."  Charlotte stood there feeling a bit silly.  She stepped down off of her soap box and decided it was time to get to work.

Charlotte looked at Marta.  "Marta, I need you to do me a favor.  Can you check someone out for me?"  asked Charlotte.  "Sure, who is it?" questioned Marta.  Charlotte looked at her took a deep breath and said something everyone present in the room thought they would never hear.  Charlotte finally spoke. "I need you to do a background check on Carlos."  Marta looked at her, mouth gaping open.  "Carlos?  The Carlos?" exclaimed Marta.  "Yes, THE CARLOS,"  Charlotte replied. " He is working for my great Aunt Coco as it turns out and something seems really fishy about him."  offered Charlotte. "OK, Charlotte, I will but, I thought you were really into him."  Marta stated.  "Well, things change."  Charlotte grunted.

Charlotte went to her desk and pulled out her appointment book.  She scribbled down the date of the meeting she was planning to attend.  Her mind was a blaze with all sorts of questions.  But, all she knew was that for the first time in her life she began to feel a tiny speck of peace in her heart.  Who was this stranger that she didn't even know his name.  Where did he come from.  Why was he so attractive?  Questions, countless question filled Charlotte's mind as she sat down to look over the rest of the days schedule.

Thanks everyone who is following along with the story.  I hope you are enjoying my diversion?  Building the sets and all the other stuff  has been slow going this past week as I realized just how much stuff I need and don't have.  Plus, the next Essex Studios open house is next weekend, so I haven't had a chance to set up my shooting area there yet.  But, as soon as the show is over it is going to happen.  So, I am going to continue to create some test shots to initiate the story line for a bit.  I hope you will be patient and journey along with me as I get into the story.  I am still acquiring dolls to play the roles.  Plus I will be taking a photography class at the Cincinnati Art Academy that begins at the end of March.  I hope this will help me out in the long run.  I am pretty sure it will.  I do appreciate any comments you might have, just be gentle if you have any criticisms please.  Until next time.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Chance Encounter

Carlos had just about enough of the drama at work.  His frustration was causing him to get a bit punchy.  He knew that unless he could relax and let off some steam soon he would regret his life later.  It wasn't long until Carlos found himself at his favorite watering hole, The Lonely Hearts Club.  It was a chic mans bar outside of the downtown district.  Not much noticed by the local authorities.  The place was a bit over the top for his taste at times.  But, there were always plenty of distractions.

At about 12 midnight Carlos spied a man he had seen there once before.  He wasn't sure why but, he was rather drawn to him.  Did he appear easy pickings?  Perhaps it was his disarming smile that took a hold of his heart.  He wasn't sure but, he knew this was the night he needed to make his move.

After initial introductions of the usual corny pick up lines Carlos hooked his catch with his smooth dialogue.  Timothy or Tim as he is known by his friends, was awkwardly friendly to Carlos.  Carlos figured it was just that Tim wasn't really used to the city.  Tim told Carlos he was relatively new to the city and liked to hang out at The Lonely Hearts club after a busy day.  Carlos and Tim hit it off right away.  Something was defiantly different about Tim, Carlos thought.  Charming?  Innocent?  He couldn't quite put his finger on it.

"So, what brings you to this crazy city?" Carlos asked Tim.  After a short pause Tim said. "Well, I am following along with a small group of people.  We are hoping to help people out. You know, take care of the homeless and all that"

"Oh, I see." said Carlos.  Carlos immediately thought, goody two shoes.  How cute.

Tim spoke again. "The leader of our group is an amazing man.  He can do miracles."  Tim was just smiling.

"Oh, really?" questioned Carlos.  "Well, Tim how would you like to get the hell outta here and find a more relaxing place to chat?"

"Sure! What do you have in mind?" Tim answered.

Carlos looked at Tim and a wry smile came across his face.  "Follow me." Carlos beckoned and he took Tim by the hand.

Thanks for reading the continuing saga.  Stay tuned.  The story is just a small off shoot of a bigger one that I am working on.  Thanks for following along.  As I mentioned earlier,, the photographs are just quick little test shots.  I am working on more elaborate set ups to come.  Have a great creative week you all.  Another episode soon.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Auntie Co's Advice Freely Given

Coco never had children.  She never bothered herself with all of that fluff as she called it.  "I'm too busy living my life and building my career." she once told a friend.  Yes, there were times when she felt a bit lonely and wondered what sort of legacy she would leave behind.  But, that distracting thought was soon ushered away with a wonderful Martini and her favorite brand of cigarettes. Fortunately or not depending on one's view point Coco's siblings have given her children to spoil when the mood strikes her.

Coco has one niece in particular that she is rather fond of.  Elsie Mae is a spunky little girl who has no problem living in the moment.  Hmm that sounds familiar   Perhaps that is why Coco is so fond of little Elsie Mae.  Try as she might Coco can not convince Elsie to get rid of that odd blue hair.  Elsie just says "It's my natural color.  Like that of the fairies I live with."  "Oh, I see." replies Coco. Coco thinks long and hard about Elsie's reasoning.  She allows a wry smile to draw itself on her face.  She remembers quite well the trouble she stirred up with her parents when she dyed her hair bright red.  It was such a delicious scandal in her household.

On one particular afternoon Coco decided to give her little niece some advice on the subject of love.  One would wonder why she felt particularly qualified to give such advice as she has been married no more than three times herself. "Elsie my dear you mustn't worry yourself over a boy.  Boys don't really know what they want.  You have to play hard to get.  Get them to realize they can't live without you." Coco offered. "I can't get any boy to like me Auntie." sighed Elsie.

"Well, at your age my dear it's no wonder." Coco replied.  Elsie looked at her than looked away not really understanding what her aunt meant.  Coco went on, "Boys at your age aren't really interested in pretty girls my dear." "They're not?" Elsie replied.  "Of course not sweetie.  They like frogs and bugs and such boring things." Coco offered.

They sat for quite awhile listening to the soft music playing on the radio.  It was a beautiful Claude Debussy piece.  It reminded Coco of her first date with Douglas, her first husband. But, the memory soon faded into the loss of Douglas during the war.  She busied herself then building her fashion empire.  Nothing like your first love.

Little Elsie Mae is a doll made by my good friend Linda Berkemeir, she does lovely work. Elsie Mae is not her original name however.  I do hope you all are finding these little storettes entertaining.  I am having great fun creating them.  Plus I am really getting to try out some photographic exercises.  I do plan on going back and recreating the images in a more finished form.  Thank you for following along on my new creative journey.  Until the next installment.  I suppose I need to start thinking of a title for this story line.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Lonely Hearts Club

Charlotte Rae Deen, lives her life in many ways.  But, in a romance is not one of them.  It isn't that she has no interest.  Oh, there is plenty of interest in the companionship of a fine male partner.  No, Charlotte Rae is one of those unlucky girls who just can't seem to attract a suitable partner.  In Charlotte's mind she is the perfect partner.  Smart, well read, creative with a wacky sense of humor.  That is her interpretation of things.  However, to those on the outside looking in, Charlotte is, well no better way to put it than odd.  She spends much of her free time reading romance novels and tending to her many cats.

If it weren't for one true friend Carlos, she would be truly alone.  Charlotte adores Carlos.  She often fantasizes about a life together with him.  But, there is one big problem that stands in her way.  He isn't interested in her,that way. Never mind that she has tried everything she can think of to tame his wild heart.  Charlotte has welcomed all of Carlos' male friends into her world although she would rather have him all to herself.  To make matters worse Carlos has taken on a new job, which seems to keep him away from her even more than in the past.  She is happy he is employed again, not that she minded taking care of him.  But, it gives him a sense of pride to be independent.

Charlotte is wondering who is this mysterious employer that needs so much of Carlos' time.  She makes a mental note to ask him about that. Charlotte has quite a few mouths to feed at the moment and her attention is on her furry babies.

Hope you all enjoy part two of my little storyette.  I have been continuing my character developmental and playing around with the photography.  I am beginning to see a new camera is definitely a must for future endeavors.  I have several story lines I am wanting to pursue.  So, you may see some other storyette ideas intermingled with this one.  Have a great day everyone.  Thank you for stopping by.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Just Playing Around

Happy hump day to you all out there in blog land.  Hope you are feeling creative.  Well, I have been playing around with some photo ideas just to get my feet wet and test out some setups.  These are by no means final attempts, just tests.  I have had this idea for at least a year now to delve into using dolls and toys as the characters for some of my little stories or my new word storyettes. Yes, it is a made up word.

Any way here is a rough sample of some of the fun I am having.  The dolls are not mine as in designed by me.  They are gifts and as such are fare game as my actors. Coco Channel was created by my friend Beth McGrath in Bellevue KY. Carlos is from the Billy Doll series unfortunately no longer available.  Plus, there is another hidden character you might recognize.  I know he isn't very clear and that is on purpose.

So, to the story.  Miss Channel had been out late on the town.  It was at one particular party given by a yet unnamed famous artist that she met Carlos.  Now, Carlos isn't all that interested in Coco for female companionship.  But, he certainly knows how to work the situation to his advantage.  In his conversation with Coco during their time together the prior evening, he found his way in.  She is desperately lonely despite her immense wealth and affluence  She has a fondness for well built men even though they may be well half of her age.  Coco figures she's rich enough so who cares what others think.  Carlos knows just the right things to say.  He is now planning to become someone very important to Coco.

Coco decided she wanted to have a portrait done early in the relationship.  At some point this may be all she has to remember him by. You see Coco is no dummy either.  Her great wealth didn't come easy and she is one tough cookie when it comes to business.  She certainly knows when someone is playing her.  So, in the end who will be playing whom. But, Coco is only focused on the moment. At this moment she has a hot young Latin man at her side.

There you have it.  My jump into photo story telling.  Not such an elaborate one yet.  But, I am trying to figure out if my little camera will suffice or if I need to upgrade to something better.  Plus, I know that my home studio space is not big enough to really play this way.  It will soon be time to move to my studio away from home.  Hey that's what it is there for.  Anyway have a great day.  Thanks as always for stopping by.