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Monday, March 30, 2009

My First Award for my Blog! Proximidade

An artist friend of mine Dawn of Oddfae has given me my first blog award.  It was that is supposed to be passed on to eight people whom you feel should.  It is called the "Proximidade".

So to honor the receipt i have to put the following  on the blog.

"This blog invests and believes in the Proximity - Nearness in space, time and relationships.  These blogs are exceedingly charming.  THese kind bloggers are to find and be friends.  They are not interested in prizes or self aggrandizement!  Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated.  Please give more attention to these blogs!"

I am afraid five is it for me.  COngrats my friends.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Doll Street Dotee Doll Challenge

I have joined a fun little challenge over on Dollstreet Dreamers.  There is a curious little doll called a Dotee.  It is a smallish doll approximately 3-6 inches in length.  It is typically rectangular or oval in shape.  The idea is to sew these by hand.  So, you draw out a simple shape cut it out and sew it together and then stuff it.  The faces are usually drawn or embroidered on.  Well, not being a conformist i decided to draw my faces with colored pencil.  How I did this was similar to how I find my apparition type faces.  I just looked at some mottled fabric and found funny little faces in it.  I pulled the face out with colored pencils.  I initially decided to do this because I was sorting my large collection of colored pencils to organize them and to see what I needed to replenish.  Anyway, these little things are the result.  Oh, and you are supposed to put a little tail or dangle thing on too as well as a loop for hanging purposes.

This first on here is influenced by my goblins.  As you can see I had a fun time with him.  Kind of reminiscent of Where the Wild Things Are.

Dotee number two is a little weirder in style.  It is just a little whacked looking.

The third dotee is more modernist in flavor.  A tribute to all of my modern painting idols.

Hope you enjoyed my little diversion from the sculpture.  My fingers certainly don't like me now.  I have lost my sewing callus since I haven't sewn anything in over a year.  I am having to nurse some sore finger tips.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Every once in a while I like to revisit a subject I have enjoyed in the past.  For some odd reason, I am fascinated with apparitions and ghost images.  There was a time when I saw enigmatic faces in everything around me.  Sometimes in the patterns of concrete walks.  The way paint dried on paper or even worn spots in cardboard boxes.  Some of my friends thought I was getting just a little bit loopy.  One day I started to go through my huge fabric stash I had.  It was then I started to notice a variety of faces staring back at me.  So, I began cutting these fabric swatches into the size of artist trading cards. Using just colored pencils, I began to pull out the faces so that others could see them too.  Thus began my on going series "Apparitions in Everyday Life".  Above is the latest one.  It has been sitting on my computer desk for quite a while and I thought I needed to finally commit it to the card format.

You know it's funny how art for me seems to go in cycles.  I have felt so disconnected from it of late.  I can always chalk it up to needing to refuel my creative fire.  But, sometimes I think there is a deeper thing going on down in our creative Psyche.  I am not sure what has drawn me to apparitions and ghosts, but it seems to resonate with me for some reason.  I haven't quite figured out if it is a desire to walk on the dark side or just a curiosity of what lies beyond the Vail of this current physical illusion. Art has always been a form of spiritual expression and exploration for me. Lately I have been absorbed with the age old question of who am I and why am I here.  What purpose does this life serve beyond just existing.  Is there a higher purpose.  Fortunately I am making some very fascinating and wonderful discoveries along the way.  It is my hope to continue to share some of these discoveries through my art.  I am always curious as to what form it will take.  Thanks for sharing my experience with me.