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Monday, May 31, 2010

Second Saint Icon Finished

My second Saint Icon piece in my elemental series is now finished.  I thought I'd put the humble beginning photo back up to remind you how it started. 

Here is the finished piece.  She is "Saint Celestia Sky Elemental #1"  She is the divine being who has an inside scoop into your astrological nature.  Her planetary goings on are quite legendary.You can appeal to her star signs for help in navigating the universe of energies that guide us.

This is another mixed media 3D collage piece.  I am having such fun with them.  I find a bit of tongue and cheek as well as seriousness in their creation.

In addition to making art, I am working on an updated version of my healing doll class I had taught in the early part of the 2000's.  I am merging it with my Alchemy of Doll making class to offer a more comprehensive experience.  It has been very rewarding to revisit some of the techniques and ideas I presented back then.  But, I have learned so much over the past ten years that I want to incorporate those into a more updated version.  Part of this was spurred on by my impending medical issues.  In case you haven't heard, I am having surgery.  I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and am having the prostate removed in a few weeks.  So, as a result of lots of reflection and soul searching, I have decided to help others in their healing journeys too.  I am trying to decide how to offer the class.  There is a great advantage to creating a blog like environment for those taking the class to interact in.  The other option is to offer it through another service.  But, I like the idea of controlling it myself.  So, for those of you interested stay tuned for the official announcement.  Now that I have stated my intention here, I must follow through right?  Have a great week everyone.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Little Something Dark

OK, so I decided since I was gong in a slightly different direction on some art this summer, I'd get a few things out of my system.  Now, I don't consider myself a dark artist usually.  But, I know we all have that part of us inside somewhere.  Normally for me that part doesn't usually surface all that often.  But, lately whilst facing some unpleasant medical issues, I have decided to just go for it.  You know, expose those demons or fears whatever might be lurking just under the surface of our conscience.

That being said, you remember the skull headed piece I showed a few weeks back.  He is finally finished.  This piece is based on a nightmare I had as a small kid.  I am not sure what age.  It is one of those things that happened when I was really sick.  So you have those kind of dream or nightmare experiences that kind of sticks with you.  This was one of those.  I dreamnt of these creatures called shadow walkers.  They were spirits that lurked in the shadows and waited for the chance to create fear and terror in your life.  They would follow you in your shadows.  I never told anyone about these dreams.  But, I could swear that I would see these horrific beings out of the corner of my eye from time to time.  When my mom died when I was eight, I thought that they were the cause of my misery.  Anyhoo here is my version via artistic interpretation, of a shadow walker.

Here is a close up of the upper body area.  This was created with a wooden armature attached to a piece of willow.  I wrapped the body with cotton batting and dark cloth for the main body.  The cloak and under dress are saturated with ultra heavy matte medium to stiffen and shape the fabrics.  I use a black lace for the under piece and a mottled black cotton for the cloak.  He has silver chains and a silver ear ring piece I recycled.  His arms are a variety of glass and silver beads.  The skull head is paper clay painted and antiqued.

I am glad I got this guy out of my system.  I am hoping to have the other Icon piece finished this weekend.  I also have started a tree spirit type figure.  So, until next time thank you all for stopping by.  I love to share my creative life with all my friends out there.  Happy Memorial day to all my US friends and good all around week for all you international friends

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Directions

OK, I know you have seen this image before.  I wanted to refresh your memory a bit.  Remember this was the icon piece I had started a few weeks back?  Well, I have working on it on and off in addition to one other.  I finally have a master plan I think.  I am going to create a series of elemental saints.  These saints will fall into one of the five elements which include earth, water, air fire and sky.  These are heavily inspired by a bit of Hindu spirituality.  So the first, very first in the series is "Mother Board, Fire Elemental  Saint Number 1".   I know the title needs a bit of work.  But, hopefully you get the idea.

Here she is finished I think.  Not quite sure yet.  But, she feels right.  Why fire you ask?  Well I consider electricity and electrons part of the fire element.  She rules over all electronic and electrical communication energy.  Need to make sure your computer is running well and safe from harm?  Make sure she resides in your home.  This one of those tentative steps into assemblage style art for me.  I like creating mixed media pieces.  So, instead fo relying on founds objects for everything, I like to sculpt some of the elements.  The body is a computer circuit board.  Her face is one I got from an artist friend Annie Hesse.  The hands and feet are my sculpts.  I added other bits and pieces to it and gave it some of my painting techniques.  I really love how this piece came together.  What's even more odd is that I don't really have all that much stuff to pilage through for the bits.  I like the serendipity of it all.  Hope you enjoy her.  If you want to adopt her just drop me an email.  have a great week everyone.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

For Something Completely Different

I am not sure how other artists deal with the past.  But, for me, I like to revisit previous themes or types of constructions.  In this case, oh about six years ago I started making these figurative pieces I called house spirits.  Another name I used was House Mojos.  They were typically mixed media figures.  Simple in design and construction.  Less is more I guess you could say.  To me they were like artistic talismans that were created to infuse certain energies into ones home.  But, they didn't seem to make any connection with other people.  Yes, a few would comment on them.  I even sold a few.  But, I loved them and only made around ten of them.  Where is this story going?  Well, after teaching at Artiscape this year, one of the pieces I did for an auction to raise money this year was one of these talismans.  It seemed to be a big hit.  Ah ha, finally an audience that really appreciated them.  So, I have decided to teach this very personal art form.  So, I created and am still working on some pieces for the proposal process.  It is allowing me to revisit some aspects of creating that I tend to loose touch with.  You know the spiritual stuff that really makes me tick.

I love ritual and how the act of creating is so therapeutic.  Since I am going through some difficult issues at the moment, I felt I needed to find a way to process it all.  This first piece was created for a theme that my local doll guild and one from Indianapolis Indiana did for our annual joint meeting yesterday.  The theme was herbs.  So, my contribution was Lemon Grass and Bamboo.  Both exotic and very useful herbs or plants.

Here is an up close view of his upper body.  These figures are meant to be hung on a wall or post.  I just love this format for some reason.  This one in particular was a bit re-purposed as I changed out the original flower head piece for the lemon grass and then added the bamboo branch.

This fun little guy is called the White Flower House Spirit.  Just in time to bring some fun spring energy into your life

Here is a close up view of White Flower.

This piece is a work in progress.  I am making him as a way of dealing with some issues.  He will be a personal piece and also will give me a brand new approach for the class proposal.  I had made these skull heads last year for another class and most thought they were a bit too dark.  So, I got to bring them back home and thought, ah ha I know how to use this one at any rate.  The tail piece is another one of those flat curly willow branches that I love.

Here is the up close view of the upper part of the figure.  Still a ways to go yet.  But, I am enjoying the break from the goblins to do something a bit more serious or contemplative.  No, I am not giving up on the goblins.  They are just on vacay for a bit.  I have so many other things that need their time in the sun so to speak.  Actually I am hoping to do some other fun mythological beasties.  So, who knows what will come parading through on the blog.  Have a fabulous week everyone.  I will post when I have more art thingies to share.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sneak Peeks

So, I was thinking about how I could maintain my blog update on a timely schedule the other day.  Then I thought, perhaps you all might like to see some of the other art I do and how I start off.  One of the kinds of things I really enjoy is a mixed media kind of piece.  Ones that allow me to sculpt and put found or constructed parts and pieces together.  Icons have always been a favorite format.  So, to kind of explore a new type of approach for a really big project I am planning.  I decided to create a small series of Icons or in that vain.

The above picture is the very beginnings of one.  I am still working on the hands and feet.  It will most likely be a saint of some sort that I find humorous.  Not that saints are necessarily humorous.  But, I am a kind of twisted sort of guy, so I put my spin on things.  Anyway, I started with a flat art panel that is six by twelve inches.  Glued the face and circuit board to it with apoxy paste.  Then I am applying apoxie sculpt to it to make the connecting pieces like the neck.  It will receive all sorts of surface treatments and painting layers before calling it finished.

Here is a panel that is truly at stage one.  It is a cradled art panel which means it has sides, and is covered with a piece of Zodiac themed fabric I found a few years back.  It was one of the last remaining pieces of fabric I have now.  It somehow managed to inspire a saint which will have a Zodiac theme.  So, besides the occasional fantasy creature that will pop out from time to time, this summer will be spent on exploring the icons.  I hope you stay tuned for the progress reports.