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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Little Cody is Finally Home

Let me introduce to all of my art friends and followers out there, Little Cody.  He has finally made his way home where he belongs and is so loved.  Little Cody is the third installment in my personal healing journey.  In many ways he was one of the hardest.  How does one capture the innocent child before the challenges of growing up come knocking at your bedroom door?  But, for me it was essential to bring him home to live with me again.  You see, Little Cody is where all of my childlike wonder, miracles and magic live.  In the eyes of Little Cody anything is possible.  Even for a kid who is visually challenged climbing a tree is nothing.  Traveling to distant stars is as easy as doing a somersault.

Little Cody is a polymer clay sculpt and a wire armature body as seen in previous posts.  He sports his favorite pair of pants and his magic coat.  It is with his magic coat that he can do anything.  His traveling companion is Fred.  Fred is neatly tucked in his arm for safe keeping as they plan their next adventure together.  Little Cody is my hero.  He is fearless and sometimes treads where only fools will go.  He is courageous and that is something I hope to recapture in my adult life.

One last shot of a close up of Little Cody's face. I hope you have enjoyed having a visit with my little friend.  You are welcome to play with him anytime as long as you can keep up.

May all of you find your fearless sense of adventure.

Friday, January 25, 2013


So, last time I gave you a peek at the sculpts for my Little Cody doll I am working on.  In this episode I wanted you to see him as he has been assembled on a wire armature and his muscle shape and body form filled out with cotton batting.  This is my favorite method for constructing my dolls.  He stands around 17 inches tall at the moment.  His head, hands and feet have been painted and the next step is to put his cloth skin on and give him some hair.

On a more spiritual emotional note this little guy has been a difficult doll.  Much different than my abandonment doll Sam.  Little Cody represents my innocent self.  Before all the bad stuff happened and simultaneously afterwards too. My bonding process has been guarded until today.  Once he began to take form, I could feel his presence.  His voice teasing me, coaxing me to play.  I was holding him close to me while wrapping the batting and I heard him whisper in my ear, "you are a great wizard you know." Tears began to form as I looked at him with astonishment.  It was a perfect statement as to what I have discovered about my art and creative path on this weeks journey.  I now know what my magic powers are in this life.

This amazing personal healing journey has been a great adventure of discovery.  I knew this year was going to be one of great transfiguration and change.  But, it is my intention of it being one of great positive change that makes it different than any other year. It's all a matter of perspective, another amazing super power.

May you find your super powers, your magical abilities that you too posses in your life of wonder.  Until the next chapter in the Little Cody saga.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013 A Year of Transformation and Growth

Wow!  I can't believe I am posting more than once in a week.  I thought I'd give you all a glimpse into what will be going on here in Codyland.  In the previous post I showed you all a photograph that is an experiment in the direction of where I am going creatively this year. It was one of the pieces of my changing puzzle of a life this year.  I have had recent changes in my job, good changes, that have been prophetic in how my life will be evolving this year. Additionally I have just completed a process that was outlined in a book I just finished called The Lotus and The Lily by Janet Conner.  It was a great companion to what I have been doing on my own the past three to four months.

So, big changes are being made in my life that reflect where my heart and soul wish to go.  I just announced my departure from my local doll making guild of which I had been a part for about fifteen years.  Many are concerned I am not going to be making dolls anymore.  I want to lay those fears or rumors to rest.  I plan on making my characters, redoing already made dolls and so forth to use as characters in my photographic work.  My creative vision is expanding and evolving to something different.  It would be hard for me to give up doll making altogether.  Actually I am still hoping to pursue puppetry and performance down the road.

Now to the reason of the post.  I want to show you the head and one of the hands to my latest personal healing figure.  This is Little Cody in his unfinished state.  Just the mere beginnings of who he is yet to become. As I write this his other hand and both feet are in the oven curing.  If time allows I hope to begin the painting process later today.  I am excited for Little Cody's arrival and also to how my life will unfold in this renewed state of creative energy and life.  It has been a long time in coming.  But, I stand ready to greet it with open arms and a glad heart.  May all of you out there get to experience your own transformative process at some point in your life.  It is amazing.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Experimenting with Photography

Hello and happy Saturday to you all out there in blog land.  I wanted to share a preliminary photographic experiment. This is my first attempt at using my figurative work as subjects rather than as an art piece.  In other words this isn't meant to be submitted as a document for the actual sculpture but rather, a rather simple and sparse scene.  This little vignette is called meeting of the minds.  The characters are sculpts I had made during the course of the early part of 2012 and just wasn't sure what to do with them yet.  They are not really in a finished state.  At least there was intentions to do something more with them.  But, alas that inspiration has since moved on.

My intent here was to use a dark background and natural side lighting to create a more dramatic effect.  This was one of the techniques the dutch masters used to create drama and the lost edges in their paintings. So, this is my first art piece of the year.

However, I am working on a few sculpts or dolls that will be used in some future photographic projects.  My inner child portrait is the one I am currently working on and hope he will be finished in a few days.  There are times that I feel rather hesitant in bringing the little guy to life.  I am not sure why.  That is what I hope to discover during the process.

Until next time, have a great week ahead my friends.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy New Year Belated

Hello to all of my followers here on the Codyland blog.  I wanted to post a Happy New Year to you all.  Also, a big thank you to those who have journeyed with me as I grow and evolve as an artist, as a spiritual being and as a person.  There is something very powerful about publicly affirming positive changes in ones life.

There are no pictures of new work to post just yet.  I am really switching things up in the new year as I have decided to follow a heart felt creative path that I have been very tentative about until now.  So, to honor this renewal of the creative spirit I am trying a new way of creating my vision of the world around me.  Photography will be my medium for the most part.  I am going to incorporate dolls I have created and will create in addition to other dolls and toys I may change or adapt to fit the stories I wish to tell or retell depending on the story.  My hope in this new endeavor is to combine my love of story telling, theater, dolls and toys to create something more complete. A fun way to express my creative voice.  I will get to use my theater design schooling at long last to serve my creative purposes in creating scenes, sets and lighting for my photographs.  My dolls, toys and other things will be my actors playing their roles as needed.  I am excited beyond belief about the possibilities this will allow for me to express my stories.

So,  I hope you will all be patient and follow along.  It may be a little slower than just creating a doll but still just as fun.  Since I did not receive any of the grant funding I had hoped to kick start this new adventure I am having to start off a bit slower and really focus on process for now.

Anyway, hope your new year is coming along nicely.  I know mine has been most interesting so far.  Until next time.