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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Urban Runes: Hagalaz or Hagal Loss and Destruction

Hagalaz or Hagal is a rune that many fear to see appear in their journey. It is translated to mean hail. We all know how destructive natural events like hail storms can truly be on our environment. That is the essence of what this energy represents. A destructive force in our lives. Of course this can come in many ways. But, I look at this particular rune as a cousin to the tower card on the Tarot. It does represent destruction but, from the clearing away we can have a new start. When I see Hagal appear in my spiritual journey, I pause to reflect on what needs to be destroyed in a spiritual sense or even literal one in my life. What do I need to let go of in order to move forward or grow as a person.

As with any destructive force it is initially upsetting. But, once the dust clears we just move on. This particular energy encourages us to leave the rubble behind and start fresh. That way you are not taking any baggage or damaged parts with you.

My challenge to you out there is to see if you need to clear away anything in your lives that may be holding you back or that you feel buried under. Once you can walk away from the destruction, you will feel free and liberated.

Have a great weekend out there and thank you as always for stopping by. I hope you find my humble words inspiring in some way.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Urban Runes: IS Part 2

This is the second installment in the urban runes series. I wanted to say a few more things about the rune IS. Winter still has a strong grip on my part of the country. So, the influence of IS prevails. One aspect of this powerful symbol is that of caution or waiting and listening. It is a time when we need to be patient for the seeds we have planted earlier in our lives to have a chance to build their roots into the earth. It is a time of rest and reflection.

The image I have shared here also cautions to stop and smell the roses. When you feel stuck or anxious, go within and listen to your inner voice, your heart. What are you not doing? What do you need to do? How can you bring more love, light and peace into your life?

I used to hate getting this rune in a reading or when I do my daily pick. But, now it reminds me to stop and listen. Why do I feel stuck or frustrated? Ice is a great teacher. We often times can find great beauty in winter and the ice. IS is no different. We can often times find great beauty in the silence.

My hope for you all is that you can take time to listen to your inner voice. Spend some quality alone time with yourself and love yourself. Let your light shine and feel the peace that emanates from within. Until next time. Thank you for visiting. Peace.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Transformation In Progress

"Transformation literally means going beyond your form." - Wayne Dyer

Transformation is a process. Sometimes it is a slow and all consuming process. Other times it can be quick and relatively painless. We are all under a state of transformation in one form or another. Most times we are not consciously aware of the process. However if one is in a personal spiritual practice, our attention can be gently guided to experience our trans formative process. It is this later state that I have been in for quite a few years. I have noted the spiral like cycles that my life and spirit evolves and changes. This is many times reflected in my art. 

I have found myself at an interesting fork in the road. I am making big changes to how I create art and what is important to me. My spiritual practice or process has been a silent partner for most of the time. Not always evident in my work. But, I have decided to make a more concerted effort to change that. I would like to choose projects that will help me evolve as a spiritual, creator and human being. Maybe as an added bonus, inspire others to seek their own truth. Hey, that's what a spiritual journey and practice is designed to do. Help us seek our own truth. That which is self evident to ourselves. My truth is not your truth. How I travel in my spiritual journey may not work for you. That is the cool part about this whole thing.

After long and careful consideration, I have decided to dedicate this blog platform to expressing my journey a bit more fully. To share my insights, observations and the occasional poetic license in addition to my images. To those coming here expecting dolls, sorry. That is in the past for me now. I am moving forward with different interests. You are welcome to continue to follow along. I would love that more than anything. But, if not that's OK too. I have lost a few followers along the way. That is what happens.

The above image is my first idea. I am in the process of creating a series of images based on the Runes. Runes are an ancient Celtic alphabet used for divination. Many use them  to aid in spiritual journeys as well. I first discovered and fell in love with Runes back in the 1980's. I find their energies very comforting and usually right on as to what sorts of energies are surrounding me at any given time. So, this first image is of the Rune IS or translated into ice. It represents a few different ideas. One of my favorites is of preservation. Preserving something for the future. In a more negative context it can mean stuck or frozen. 

IS has also been paired with the idea of waiting out or the time that the earth remains fallow between harvest and spring regrowth. It is the symbol of winter. So the three long shadows across my path are a triple IS. I am acutely aware of three things. I can often times be frozen by fear to move forward. I can feel stuck where I am and not motivated to move. But, the best one is preserving all that is good. Taking with me only that which will serve me in the future. Stashing the good stuff and using it as needed.

There you have it. My first offering. I may see this symbol more frequently. It is usually represented as a vertical line I but many shamans allowed a variety of positions for all the symbols and it was a matter of diving the meaning.

My wish for you is a great year ahead of spiritual discovery whatever your truth may be. Feel free to share your experiences. I love hearing about other peoples  journeys. Thank you for being a part of my life and for your friendships. I truly treasure them all. Until next time. Peace.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A New Year is Upon Us

Noe that we are poised to transition into a new year, I am once again lining up my goals. Photography will figure prominently on that list. New classes, to continue to advance my knowledge and also some new topics. Also, to enter more shows. I would hope to actually get into some this year. But, even getting denied is a learning tool.

I am exploring ways to actually present my images. It is easy to just send off a Jpeg of an image to a show. But, one thing I have learned is that perhaps they want to see how the image will be presented in addition to the actual image itself. So, that will be my greatest focus this year as I collect images to show. I am giving myself latitudes to present several collections according to my current interests. I am excited about the process of printing and finishing the presentations.

One process is that of printing on silk fabric for some of my images. I love the idea and look of this and how it can be presented as a wall hanging rather than a framed piece of art. Experiments look promising so far. I will keep you all informed.

I can honestly say I am looking forward to what this new year will bring. Things seem to be coming together and I have a real focus and intention in my work and life. More so than I ever have and that will keep me motivated during the hard times. A good friend and spiritual mentor said this year would be a real roller coaster, 2014 that is, and it was that and more.

May your new year be bright and full of promise. That is my wish for you and a blessing of sorts. We all need blessings each and every day. Thank you for following along on my journey. I am honored and humbled by the kind words of encouragement and friendship expressed by many friends who pass by from time to time. Thank you. I love you all.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays and it's years end

I wanted to wish everyone out there a happy and creative set of holidays. May your new year ahead bring new adventures. If you are into the creative arts may you find your muse and work him or her to the bone this upcoming year. If you are stuck, may your creative tow truck show up in the nick of time to pull you out of the mire.

I for one have a renewed sense of direction and plan on hitting the creative road with both feet running. It is time for me to get my goals in a row and line them up for inspection. That helps me see what worked in the past and try something new for the future. Goals really seem to work for me so that is what I have adopted as my new years ritual.

The above image suggests all the colorful options we have. It is up to us to choose the ones that will serve us well in the moment.  Good thing is if you don't like the color you chose, just put it back and pick another.

Thank you each and everyone who has followed along here and on Facebook. It is much appreciated and I am honored and humbled by your kindness and interest in my creative journey. Here's to you all and the new year ahead.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Long Absence

Well, it seems I can't get myself to post as often as I would like. I lost another follower. But, as my friend Buddha says, change is inevitable. One must embrace change. The world changes every moment whether we acknowledge it or not. I see that reflected in my life through my art, my body, my likes and dislikes. We all evolve which is a form of change.

The images included in this post come from one of my photography class in which we were to create a magical feeling with our set of images/ I chose to do still life's from some of my collection of objects.

I am really in love with the process of photography. The way in which an image is revealed through the action of taking and then processing the images. It is not unlike that of painting which I also love. I was remarking to my partner about how I missed painting because I love the whole process of discovery in bringing an image to life. So, I think there will be some painting in my future. A great winter creative activity.

Many times I think I know which direction my creative energies will take me. Could it be painting today or photography or doll making? Maybe another altogether new adventure, who knows? I am learning that being an artist is just as much about observing our environment as it is our own inner selves. I am coming to terms and finding peace in how I live as a creative being. I am no longer worrying about whether it is proper to focus on one medium or many. I do what I do, because I love to do it. End of story/ There will be no apologies for doing or not doing, making or not making posting or not posting. Just that I am that, I am.

Thank you for sharing my journey as always and hope you get some joy and amusement out of my musings.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

A happy Halloween out there to all of you who follow and or visit my humble blog. I have been a bit neglectful of late. It seems that life and lack of energy after a full day at the art supply store can really take it out of you. So, for this festive season I offer two recent photos taken for one of my photography class assignments. in the above is a dance of skeletons in a tree. It was hanging in a yard I came across during a neighborhood stroll. I decided on this vintage treatment to make it extra spooky.

Lastly, is a fun little decked out yard filled with ghosts and jack-o-lanterns. A little girl lives there so it wasn't meant to be too scary. It was a fun walk through the old neighborhood. I haven't had the time to do that in a few years actually. I used to walk my dog around all the streets. But, now that he is quite elderly and barely able to walk, we don't go far.

Hope you have a safe and ghoulishly fun Halloween. Mine will be a quiet night at home watching Art 21 or Constantine.