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Monday, July 06, 2009

The Secret Garden and DAG Treasure Hunt

I hope all of my American fans had a great fourth of July weekend. For me, it was the beginning of my summer vacation. During which I plan on making as much art as I can and doing some much needed unwinding too. The first of said unwinding experiences was a trip to a place hear in southwest Ohio called the Secret Garden. It is a quaint little spot created by a family to transform their little farm into an oasis of sorts for visitors to unwind and enjoy a bit of nature. It isn't like a state park, more like a glorified garden shop. There were some interesting things and of course you could buy decorations for your own garden from those displayed throughout the garden. The above picture shows some of this. My partner and I purchased a fun wrought iron stake for our little back yard oasis.

One of the things that struck me was how they used objects to create an artsy feel. I love these bamboo poles and the composition it created in the environment.

Another thing I like is how they took an ordinary door and made it into a simple sculptural form. Odd yes, but I like it too.

One of the wooded views on the little garden paths. It was a beautiful balmy day. The smell was so relaxing too.

This archway I thought was so cool. It reminded me of some magical doorway into another realm. The goblins love these too.

Some water bird sculptures that were placed by the big pond. These just make me feel relaxed just by looking at them. The pond I have to mention was this curious blue green color. We were trying to figure out if it was natural or artificially colored. I didn't ask the owners.

OK, the Dark Artists Guild I belong to is sponsoring a treasure hunt and art give away. It will start around the 22nd of July so stay tuned for the rules and details. All of us that are participating will be offering a prize and there will be a grand prize to the person finding all the treasures. So, stay tuned y'all.

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