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Sunday, July 19, 2009

WIP More Mergoblins

Now that I have posted the first finished Mergoblin. I thought you might like to see a bit of the process. Currently these are the last two Megoblins that I am working on. Unfortunately it doesn't always occur to me to take in progress pictures. So this is number two with his base coat of paint on. He is a polymer clay sculpt one of a kind as all of my pieces are these days. I am still incorporating the willow branches I have at my disposal. The plan is to use these on a few more pieces other than Mergoblins.

Here is a close up of the head that was the original head bead I made you can see in an earlier post. The cool thing about this whole process, is that it gives me so many ideas and also I learn new techniques or ways of adding more to the sculpting process. When I step back and see my work from the past several years, I see I have come a long way. I am excited by that.

OK this is number three in progress. Here you can see the baked clay body and how I positioned the body. He is in a different pose and also I tried to vary the texture a bit. He is also made using the recycled head bead. All three of the pieces are approximately 12 - 14 inches long.

Here is a close up view of the head on number three so you can see the original bead and how it fits into the sculpture. He will receive a base coat of paint too before the detail painting begins. I find this really helps with the color layering process.

I recently made a trip to my local art museum to see a show on a recent collection of fine art/craft pieces. The show was magnificent to experience. There were pieces made from glass, wood and clay. The variety was amazing. But, what struck me was the power these pieces had. You could see the thought and care that each artist put into their work. That was so inspiring to me. It was obvious to me that they not only considered the piece itself as important, but how it related to the environment around it. That somehow affected me deeply inside. I have a different view of my art now. A better understanding of how the type of art I make fits into the world around it. The validity of it in the context of how it fits into the art world and the world as a whole. I think that is a major milestone for me as an artist Now I am beginning to think of my work as greater than just myself. I hope that makes some sense.

Well, now that I have finished my diatribe on my personal soul searching as an artist, I hope you have enjoyed your visit here today.

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