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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Cleaning, Feeling Better and July Giveaway

Wow! what a difference another week makes.  I am feeling a lot better since my surgery about a month ago.  It has been a long haul it seems to me.  But, I know our bodies need plenty of time to heal from major surgery.  Despite the ever present exhaustion and other physical unpleasantness, I am feeling more like my old self.  So, I have been cleaning up my home studio so I can be inspired to work on art again.  I am in big withdrawal from sculpting and such.  But, I needed to make room to move and spread out a bit.  Still need to clear off my work table a bit.  But, I have plenty of projects in the works to keep me busy.

Now on to the give away.  I am so excited to see the new followers.  You all rock and make my day everyday.  It is so much fun and an honor to share my world of eclectic fantasy with you.  Whilst cleaning and listening to my Itunes library, I came across a selection of patterns I've been meaning to give away.  So, here is my July give away.

Five cloth doll patterns:

"A Stargaze Threesome" by Patti Maderis Culea

"Granny Moon" by Allison Marano

"Illuminat" by Mary Ann Kaahanui

"Auntie Kate" by Ruth Landis

"Curly Shirley" by Sally Lampi

To be put in the giveaway, just comment on this post and also be a follower.  After all it is to celebrate all of you faithful followers out there.  I will draw the winner by random number on August 1st.  Good luck.

Stay tuned, I plan on posting the finished threesome piece I showed you in the last post.


Lorell Lehman said...

Cody, I'm so happy to hear that you are starting to feel like you're recovering from your surgery....isn't it amazing how you feel like you're in 'go slow' mode for such a long time, when you do start to feel more like yourself again it feels really feel like you could take on the world!
....and cleaning up the studio is such a great way to get back into things especially when combined with great music (and perhaps a little bit of bad dancing when no-one's around!).
Continue down that path to wellness Cody....thinking of you xoxo

Cody Goodin said...

Thank you Lorell for the encouraging words. Yes, I do some of that bad dancing too.

connie allen said...

There's nothing worse than being run down after something major, whether surgery or something less tangible, so it's good when you start to feel those creative juices run, ideas flow and fingers itch to work. I look forward to seeing the result of that creativity as soon as life allows!

Deb Wallace said...

It was good to see you last weekend, Codster. I'm sure you were tired when you got home, but I was so glad you felt good enough to join us!

paperpest said...

Glad you are continuing to heal, going back to work always feels like it comes too soon :-) After some eye surgery last year, I also felt the need to clean up and clear out a lot of stuff. I took an entire shopping cart filled with rubber stamps, papers and I can't remember what else and brought it to a bazaar being held at my local senior center.

Deborah Thomas said...

Cody, I had been following your progress on DollStreet and was glad to hear your surgery went well. Not to minimize your situation, but being a nurse and having been involved in many surgeries like yours, I was optimistic about your outcome and recovery, barring no complications of course. I am truly happy that you are doing well and continue to wish you many years of creativity. I was most surprised that you are the only follower on my blog. But that is my fault. It needs serious attention and something interesting To follow.
I like your sculpts. I myself have started to play with sculpting in clay. I like it much better than sewing and stuffing a doll. Only problem is HOT HANDS. Need a solution. Refrigerating the clay only lasts a few minutes, then the distortion starts all over again.
Will keep checking back to see your progress.
Good vibes,
Deborah Thomas