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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Essex open house Pictures

Well, another Essex Studios open house come and gone.  It was a little lack luster this time around.  I guess there was more stuff going on in the city.  We had perfect October weather for it though.  I decided to show you some pics I took in the studio.  I didn't get to walk around much.  Yes, I did sell some small items.  Anything is better than none.

So, to start off the pictures here is a picture of "The Keeper of Ancient Knowledge" in her finished state hanging on the wall.  She looked so elegant and otherworldly there.  I received many positive comments on all of my work.  Her costume is made from fabric and torn pieces of decorative papers from Thailand saturated with Ultra Matte Medium.  I love this stuff.  She is approximately 24" tall.\

Here is a close of the Keeper.  Her hair is a hand dyed wool from a local sheep and goat farmer.

Next we have another recently completed piece entitled "What Till They Get a Load of Me" and he was a really fun piece that made people laugh out loud.

This is a shot of my table full of my children as I call them.  Since I am one of three in the studio at this time, I have one whole side to myself.  Starting in the new year there will just be myself and my partner in the studio.  More room for stuff and I will be offering classes there.

Hah and Zah are there perched on the wall together where they love it.

Another new piece called "Yayeh".  He was fun to make.  He is a polymer clay sculpt.  His head is made from a bead that I made two years ago.

Lastly I end with Willow Woman in all her glory hanging out in the main hall greeting passersby.  It was a nice weekend all in all.  The visitors were very engaging and the questions were great fun to answer.  Our next open house is in December.  That is the holiday open house.  I am planning some fun ornaments this year.  Have a great week everyone.


flyingbeader said...

Sorry I had to work all weekend long. Would have loved to come up & see your "people" in person.

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Dot, maybe another time. Our next show happens when you r guild is at Winterfair.

Anonymous said...

Yayeh makes me want to get my polymer clay out again...I love him!

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Joyce. I am making more characters like him. He is a precursor to the Dweedles.

Anonymous said...

AAAAaaaaargh!! I was just popping over to check the dates for this...I swore it was this weekend!