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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Creepy Orphan Society Sept/Oct Challenge

Well, I finally finished my September/October challenge, "Morbid Curiosity" for the Creepy Orphan SOciety.  I have to say I don't do creepy that often.  The last was my Halloween giveaway piece.  But here is the "Great Horned Boney Bird".  He is a polymer clay sculpt over a wood and wire armature.  That is wrapped with batting and fabric strips to fill out the gody.  I made his talons out of wire and paper.  His tail is another piece of fantail willow.  I just love using those.  The skin of his body is strips of decorative paper applied.  Once that was dry, I applied the black netting over it as a drape or cloak like piece.  Then he was finished with little pieces of a pink and dark gray fake fur.  I like how he finally turned out.  The cool thing about some of the more artsy pieces I have made in the last few months, is that I have been developing some fun techniques.  I plan on using these for future projects.

This is a close up of his upper body.  So, there is the first challenge for our fledgling group.  I enjoy the Creepy Orphan Society, a great group of artists and it is fun to share.  It gives me a chance to explore a bit of the darker side of things.  Have a great fun Saturday my friends out there in blog land.  Tomorrow I announce the details of my new class.  I hope you will come back and check it out.


Karen Mallory said...

Another good creepy feeling art piece! Maybe you should make more Halloween and creepy stuff. I like it!!
hugs Karen

Pattee said...

Your morbid curiosity is FABULOUS!
Love ~ Pattee

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Karen and Pattee, it was fun to make. I do have another creepy piece in the works.