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Thursday, February 03, 2011

February's First new Piece

I am still trying to finish up some works in progress and here is another figure created as a mixed media piece.  I love using willow sticks and branches as part of the figurative element.  There is something about the soul of the tree that I love incorporating into some of my work.  This figure has polymer clay head and hands.

I call this one "Cosmic Pantomime' as he has some of the elements of the pantomime figure.  The construction is rather simple, but versatile.

This is a close up of his upper body and head.  I am actually going to be teaching this fun little figure type at Artiscape in Columbus Ohio in April.  I have one more of this type of figure in progress.  I am trying to get these done for the March 4th and 5th studio open house at the Essex Studios where I have a studio.

You ever have tons of ideas in your head that you need to get out?  But, you want to finish up existing projects first?  That is where I am at the moment.  No shortage of ideas and new directions to go for work. But, I am one of those tortured souls who need to finish up works in progress before I move on.  I will be glad to get the last of these out of my hair and move on to new stuff.  Hope you all have a grand weekend.


cat said...

Cool doll Cody!
Just wanted to let you know that last week at the post office, I ran into a fan who just loves your work. Your name came up when we got to talking about the Essex Studios! Small world!

Cody Goodin said...

How cool is that. Thanks for letting me know.

Sue Ellen said...

I totally understand the need to finish up existing projects before moving on to the next of a hundred that are in my head! I love the idea of mixing mediums in a project and agree that the soul of a tree can be a powerful ingredient in a piece. Bravo on this the colors and combination of texture and elements.