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Friday, August 13, 2010

Saying Thank You in a Giveaway

You aren't seeing things.  I have posted this piece before.  But, this time is different.  I wanted to celebrate two things in my little life.  First is hitting 140 followers here on this blog.  I am so honored by the loyal friends who come and visit me and my art goings on.  Thank you for that support and encouragement.  Secondly, a good friend and artist I know really inspired me with her own unique spiritual perspectives on giving.  So, MarZel this is to honor your wonderful contribution to my world as well.

The above piece is only about 6x8 inches in size.  But, it's spirit is mighty.  At least to me it is.  The intention while creating it was to honor the trees that are constantly sacrificed sometimes without thought or honor for humankind.  In many cases without a thought, just discarded because they are in our way.  The trees are our guardians, give us food, shelter, many things we use in our everyday lives.  They help clean up our airand cool down the planet.  So, this is my humble offering.

So, I am offering this as a giveaway, to one of my followers.  Just leave a comment on this post, be a follower, and on September 1st I will draw a name at random.  To make it easier to keep track I will not comment back.  I want to make sure everyone has a chance.   Thank you for your support of my humble blog and art it is most appreciated.  Have a great weekend.

Giveaway Guidelines Again.

Be a follower

Comment on this post.

Last day to enter August 31st.

Good Luck!


Susie McMahon said...

Looks like I'm first! I love the look of this piece and I approve of the sentiment behind it.....where I live it has been an enormous fight to try and hold onto the remnants of our ancients forests.
Thanks for the chance Cody, I'd LOVE to win this!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Isn't Marzel wonderful?

This is a great Giveaway Cody. Please enter me. I am already a follower.

Wishing you a creative weekend,

wildish said...

Oh wow, what a terrific giveaway, I have been coveting that piece since you posted it the first time.

I am already a follower, please enter me :)

Pattee said...

OH MY Cody!!!
Your giving this beautiful art piece away... I am and have been for awhile now a follower of you....: )

I would LOVE to ADD this awesome piece to my collection!!!!!

Marzel is such a giving person!

Have a good week-end~: )

Anonymous said...

Love your work.


The Studio at Crow Haven Farm, LLC said...

WOW...COdy this piece is just amazing and yes, it does have a mighty spirit. I feel it through the internet! What a wonderful giveaway and such meaning. Good Luck to All Who Enter and Thank you again for offering such a fantastic piece of art!

JoyCorcoran said...

This is gorgeous. I've always loved the mythology of trees -- in particular the myth of the nymph turning into a tree to preserve her individuality -- where she become a tree of shining beauty. I feel that the trees are a good metaphor for people who are in transition with mobility problems. I love how active the root spirits are. That's how we are, our roots always alive and our limbs reaching upward, no matter if we are barren with winter, we are still alive and able to give so much. Thanks for your inspiring and generous art work.

AlwaysInspired said...

It is beautiful! Your work is so inspiring!

Anonymous said...

As always Cody, your art is amazing. Any of us would love to add this piece to our lives. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful spirit.

Rose Prescott

Are you curious about me? said...

Hi Cody

This is a wonderful giveaway and given in the true spirit of love and caring, 'Spriits of the Grove' is a powerful piece it say's a lot about you and your love of the forest, who ever wins it.... I do so hope that it needs to be here with me.... will love and treasure it I'm sure.

~ Julie

flyingbeader said...

I agree with you. When I had to have our Ash cut down last Summer because of the Emerald Ash borer, my heart was broken. I loved that tree sitting here looking out the window watching the birds dancing & singing among its boughs. Now we have a wee Maple...I hope it grows fast so I can look out & watch it live & breath & play.


Anonymous said...

I found it. The yellow looks great on the black

dollmaker96 said...

Dear Cody,
I do really like this piece and the idea of keeping trees is important. We need the trees and so do the other animals. May the best one win.
Connie Turner

edakid said...

I enjoy your blog..

edakid said...

I am also a follower!

Anonymous said...

Given that we chose the name "Dryad Lane" for the road to our tree-surrounded home, I can safely say that I identify with your thoughts!

Karen Mallory said...

I love this piece and felt it's spirit when you first posted it. Trees are magnificent. I am lucky to be close enough to the redwoods to visit there. Now those are some trees!
hugs Karen

Deb Robinson said...

Cody your piece brings thoughts of hope..hope that we may open our eyes to the fact that trees are as much a part of our lives as a member of our family feel angered in seeing them abused and as a comfort to listen to our hopes and dreams.

Anonymous said...


I love your monkeys. The remind me of the monkeys I saw living in an abandon temple in Bali. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

Anonymous said...

hey cody i love your work
what an awesome thing to do
for the art world robin

Joanne Cranston said...

Cody, as usual - fantastic!!!!

Bonnie Lee Fontaine said...

People do not realize that trees are as alive as you and I, and each one has its own personality. It has been scientifically proven that they communicate with each other, fight with each other and help each other. The way they are treated with such a lack of respect is appalling. Your piece is a beautiful, powerful talisman that honors them. I would love to give it a home!
I am a follower. :)
Hope you are feeling well!

Pat Haight said...

Love the piece. Your art is awesome:~)

tinypearl5758 said...

Wow Cody, you are very generous to giving this away. Please pick me, I love your work. And thank you for sharing what you do. xxx

MarZel said...

I had finally got some time to make my rounds to my favorite blogs... what a surprise Cody. Thank you! This is an incredible honor my friend. I am saddened you cannot be apart of our new project... I understand though. But I am very glad you are not far away in blogland!!

Great Blessings!!

Wings N Scales said...

There is so much meaning in this piece, I absolutely love it! Its always amazing to me to see other peoples art and the way they see things. I believe life is nothing but opposites, good/evil, sad/happy, life/death and so on.
Hope all is well with you Cody,

Cindy W. said...

Cody, I love all your pieces. You do amazing work.

Cindy W. Dover DE