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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Merrily Merrily in the Month of May

Wow!  I can not believe how much time flies by each month.  It seems like yesterday I had gone to Artistic Figures In Cloth in Columbus and now it is racing to the end of the month.  I wanted to post a project I did for the joint meeting of the Circle City Dollmakers of Indianapolis Indiana and the Rivercity Figurative Artists Guild. We usually meet halfway between the two cities.  This year we met at the Sherman House in Batesville Indiana.  It is a fun little German themed restaurant and Inn.

Each year one of the clubs hosts a challenge for us all to make a figure based upon.  This years challenge was to create a doll based on the western zodiac signs.  My figure is based upon my rising sign of Aries.

His head is polymer clay with antique glass cab eyes.  He sports a red fur mohawk.  His hands are poly clay as well.  His body is a cloth and wire armature construction.  His legs are made of willow branches and mounted into  a wooden base.  The body is covered with African mud cloth applied with super heavy matte medium and the arms ar a handmade paper applied the same way as the body fabric.  The head and hands are also hand painted.

This is a close up front view of the head.  His necklace is a turquoise donut on leather string.

A close up side view of the head.

This figures technique and construction were a direct result of taking the class at AFIC from Susie McMahon.  She is an excellent teacher and really helped me push myself creatively in new directions.  Thanks Susie I needed that.  So, there you have it for this week.  I have  a few smaller projects in the works as always but, never enough time to work on them all.  Maybe someday I can live the life of a working artist.  Have a great weekend and week ahead my friends out there.


Unusual Girl Studios said...

Cody- he's very compelling, especially that side profile. The detail in your work always amazes me. Yes, I hope someday soon you can live the life of a working artist- it is my wish for the day :) I will send it out to the universe!

Cody Goodin said...

Oh, Unusual Girl Studios, thank you. You know that kindness really made my day. I also appreciate the kind comments on Aries. His profile may end up in some digital art too who knows.