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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kali in Motion

Greetings out there in blog land.  I have been under the weather this week so, Kali energy has taken hold of me and my studio.  The reason for this major upheaval is one of surrender.  You may be wondering what I am talking about.  Over the past few years I have been exploring what makes me truly passionate in my art.  That conversation with myself has lead me down a truly eye opening road of conclusion.

I have discovered that I am really a big kid at heart.  Last year I decided to explore the idea of my own mythic journey and begin to try and tell my personal story of my lifes journey through my art. I discovered that I really love fantasy and the fantasticness of it.  It is a fun and sometimes challenging way to tell stories about our world.

So, it is with this mind set that I have begun to explore a variety of ways to express my views of life and beyond.  The interesting thing is that when you take it out of the ordinary and into the realm of fantasy or make believe, people tend to look and listen to what you have to say.  I think that is what attracted me to doll making so many years ago.

My goal now is to really transition myself away from using the more realistic subject matter and using the human form realistically.  Through this process of play and trying out ideas, I began recycling works that were in process or just taking some old toys and other objects and transforming them into something fantastical.  I want to live in my world of make believe.  My monsters aren't all scary or bad creatures.  They just look menacing but really are great friends and can tell great stories.

As the title of this post suggests, I have been channeling the energy of Kali.  She is the destroyer goddess and this allows something new to emerge.  Thus allowing me to emerge with something closer to my heart and with a renewed passion for creating. I have posted a few pictures of my work tables in my home studio to show you the chaos of Kali energy.  In the next few weeks I can hopefully show you the regenerative results.

Thanks for following my roller coaster creative life.  Oh, and I have decided to test drive a new look for the blog.  My coworker who is a fabulous comic artist designed my banner image.  She is moving to Chicago and will be sorely missed.  Good luck Alex, may you find much success in the big city.

Until next time.



Melissa said...

Brian Froud has a great philosophy about "fantasy" art.

In his opinion it isn't fantasy at all, but showing what is truly in the world around us, just under the surface. Giving you a road map deeper into yourself.

Looking forward to seeing the new works. And I love the new blog look by the way. Nice and warm to combat February!

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Melissa, I appreciate the Froud reference. I love his and Wendy's works.

Karen Mallory said...

One of those great life moments! It is wonderful to know where you are going. I hope you create some wonderful fantastical creatures more wonderful than those you already have made.
Love the new banner!
hugs Karen (who has always been a child at heart too)

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Karen, I always appreciate your kind words. Your healing doll is still on my night stand so I see him everyday.

JCompton said...

I'ma nxious to follow you on this journey! It sounds intriguing. Really like the new look and the banner is way too fun!!