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Saturday, November 10, 2012

A new Healing Art Project

Happy Saturday everyone.  I hope you are enjoying your weekend on this warm November day.  I thought I would share the progress of a new healing art project.  He is actually more of a talisman like doll.  This fellow will represent the miser part of me.  So, let me explain a little bit of the idea behind this doll.  In my world, the miser is that part of us that can be many things as it relates to not letting go of something.  It can also be the part of us that is the stingy person inside.  My miser represents stinginess, hoarding, clutching onto beliefs, behaviors and also physical stuff that doesn't allow us to move or have the ability to accept what the universe wants to give us because our hands are full.  We have no more room in our lives.  This little guy came to the surface shortly after Sam and is related to Sam in many ways. I am looking forward to getting to know this guy.  How he operates in my life.  What are his motives?  How can he be satisfied?  It will be a great journey to see just how I can live with this guy once he comes to life.

As you can see he kind of looks like Sam which was purposeful.  I want all of these parts of me to look like each other because they are a part of one another.  The miser hasn't told me his name yet.  He is a polymer clay head that was actually the first one I made and was going to use for another project.  Recycled, is perfect for the miser.  His hands and feet are also from the same project.  He is painted with layers of acrylic paint washes.  I am keeping him rather pale as I think that is how all of my fellows will appear.  He will get some hair though.  A bit of wispy hair just around the edges of his scalp.  He has his body sock sewn on and is awaiting his cloths.  I am not sure yet what he wants to wear so, that may be for another day.

Hope you like the new series of fellows I have embarked upon.  It is something that is very important and relevant to me at this time in my life.  I love how art can help us find our way back home.  Have a great week ahead everyone and be safe.  Love hard and live long, great words to take to heart.

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