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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Little Cody is Finally Home

Let me introduce to all of my art friends and followers out there, Little Cody.  He has finally made his way home where he belongs and is so loved.  Little Cody is the third installment in my personal healing journey.  In many ways he was one of the hardest.  How does one capture the innocent child before the challenges of growing up come knocking at your bedroom door?  But, for me it was essential to bring him home to live with me again.  You see, Little Cody is where all of my childlike wonder, miracles and magic live.  In the eyes of Little Cody anything is possible.  Even for a kid who is visually challenged climbing a tree is nothing.  Traveling to distant stars is as easy as doing a somersault.

Little Cody is a polymer clay sculpt and a wire armature body as seen in previous posts.  He sports his favorite pair of pants and his magic coat.  It is with his magic coat that he can do anything.  His traveling companion is Fred.  Fred is neatly tucked in his arm for safe keeping as they plan their next adventure together.  Little Cody is my hero.  He is fearless and sometimes treads where only fools will go.  He is courageous and that is something I hope to recapture in my adult life.

One last shot of a close up of Little Cody's face. I hope you have enjoyed having a visit with my little friend.  You are welcome to play with him anytime as long as you can keep up.

May all of you find your fearless sense of adventure.


Karen Mallory said...

Oh Cody! I love him so much!!!
hugs Karen

Cody Goodin said...

Thank you Karen. I appreciate the comment.

David Walker said...

Cody, this looks like a breakthrough for you. I think the universe is listening, and you have boldly responded. Loving ourselves unabashedly gives us strength and humility.

I also like the blog changes you have made.


Cody Goodin said...

Thank you David, I appreciate the feedback and kind observations.