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Friday, January 25, 2013


So, last time I gave you a peek at the sculpts for my Little Cody doll I am working on.  In this episode I wanted you to see him as he has been assembled on a wire armature and his muscle shape and body form filled out with cotton batting.  This is my favorite method for constructing my dolls.  He stands around 17 inches tall at the moment.  His head, hands and feet have been painted and the next step is to put his cloth skin on and give him some hair.

On a more spiritual emotional note this little guy has been a difficult doll.  Much different than my abandonment doll Sam.  Little Cody represents my innocent self.  Before all the bad stuff happened and simultaneously afterwards too. My bonding process has been guarded until today.  Once he began to take form, I could feel his presence.  His voice teasing me, coaxing me to play.  I was holding him close to me while wrapping the batting and I heard him whisper in my ear, "you are a great wizard you know." Tears began to form as I looked at him with astonishment.  It was a perfect statement as to what I have discovered about my art and creative path on this weeks journey.  I now know what my magic powers are in this life.

This amazing personal healing journey has been a great adventure of discovery.  I knew this year was going to be one of great transfiguration and change.  But, it is my intention of it being one of great positive change that makes it different than any other year. It's all a matter of perspective, another amazing super power.

May you find your super powers, your magical abilities that you too posses in your life of wonder.  Until the next chapter in the Little Cody saga.


Karen Mallory said...

Cody, He is so wonderful and really evokes child wonder and innocence! I love him!!
hugs Karen

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Karen.