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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy New Year Belated

Hello to all of my followers here on the Codyland blog.  I wanted to post a Happy New Year to you all.  Also, a big thank you to those who have journeyed with me as I grow and evolve as an artist, as a spiritual being and as a person.  There is something very powerful about publicly affirming positive changes in ones life.

There are no pictures of new work to post just yet.  I am really switching things up in the new year as I have decided to follow a heart felt creative path that I have been very tentative about until now.  So, to honor this renewal of the creative spirit I am trying a new way of creating my vision of the world around me.  Photography will be my medium for the most part.  I am going to incorporate dolls I have created and will create in addition to other dolls and toys I may change or adapt to fit the stories I wish to tell or retell depending on the story.  My hope in this new endeavor is to combine my love of story telling, theater, dolls and toys to create something more complete. A fun way to express my creative voice.  I will get to use my theater design schooling at long last to serve my creative purposes in creating scenes, sets and lighting for my photographs.  My dolls, toys and other things will be my actors playing their roles as needed.  I am excited beyond belief about the possibilities this will allow for me to express my stories.

So,  I hope you will all be patient and follow along.  It may be a little slower than just creating a doll but still just as fun.  Since I did not receive any of the grant funding I had hoped to kick start this new adventure I am having to start off a bit slower and really focus on process for now.

Anyway, hope your new year is coming along nicely.  I know mine has been most interesting so far.  Until next time.

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