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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Long Absence

Well, it seems I can't get myself to post as often as I would like. I lost another follower. But, as my friend Buddha says, change is inevitable. One must embrace change. The world changes every moment whether we acknowledge it or not. I see that reflected in my life through my art, my body, my likes and dislikes. We all evolve which is a form of change.

The images included in this post come from one of my photography class in which we were to create a magical feeling with our set of images/ I chose to do still life's from some of my collection of objects.

I am really in love with the process of photography. The way in which an image is revealed through the action of taking and then processing the images. It is not unlike that of painting which I also love. I was remarking to my partner about how I missed painting because I love the whole process of discovery in bringing an image to life. So, I think there will be some painting in my future. A great winter creative activity.

Many times I think I know which direction my creative energies will take me. Could it be painting today or photography or doll making? Maybe another altogether new adventure, who knows? I am learning that being an artist is just as much about observing our environment as it is our own inner selves. I am coming to terms and finding peace in how I live as a creative being. I am no longer worrying about whether it is proper to focus on one medium or many. I do what I do, because I love to do it. End of story/ There will be no apologies for doing or not doing, making or not making posting or not posting. Just that I am that, I am.

Thank you for sharing my journey as always and hope you get some joy and amusement out of my musings.


Karen Mallory said...

Love all your art Cody! You can only grow by trying all the art forms out there! I haven'd blogged in over a year as I can't get photos to load and I think, you need to post a picture of your art because talking about it isn't enough. Hats off to you Cody!!!
your fan Karen

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Karen, you are one of my biggest cheerleaders. It is most appreciated.