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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mixed Media and Digital

Okay, I am experimenting with mixed media here. I have taken a digital pic of a parking meter. Now, have you ever seen faces in the patterns of things? Well, I am one of those strange guys that sees faces in objects too. When I was walking home from work one day I noticed that several of the parking meters I passed everyday seemed to have faces. No, I don't think I was seeing things or was I. So, I took some pics and printed them off onto a matte photo paper. I then drew in features that were suggested by the pattern on the meter with Carbothello pastel pencils. Rescanned the pic into photoshop and presto, Meter Man!


Fran said...

Love the parking meters with faces. I'm one of those people that see faces and other things in carpets, tiles, fabrics, clouds, mountains, etc. etc. etc.

Judi Wellnitz said...

These are amazing! Wouldn't it be cool if the city would hire you to actually paint the meters!

Anonymous said...

wonderful - I am a face see-er too!It does feel a little strange at times - but they are there. Love what you are doing with them. Regards, Linda Misa.