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Monday, June 01, 2009

Finished zsea Goblins

As promised, here are a few of the finished sea goblins.  After the sculpting and baking process, they are then painted with a light bit of paint to accent the lips and then stained to bring out the shadows.  This little guy seems so sad.  Not all of my pictures turned out so, I am just showing off three today.

In addition to the stain I used a bit of blue iridescent paint to give this little guy some added sparkle.  

This little guy seems the most happy even though he isn't quite fitting in his shell as he had hoped.  I think it is all those soft shell crabs he likes to indulge in.  Hope you enjoy them.  I am going to make two more as that is all the shells I have left in the small size.  I have been eyeing some large conch shells that a friend gave me years ago.  They would make awesome homes for some larger goblins.  I shall see how I feel about it later this week.  I still have a few other works in the process so until next time.


ODD imagination said...

I do love them! It's hard not to get excited seeing them when your imagination is like my own. :o)

flyingbeader said...

CODY...absolutely adorable & I love the guy who is so pugey he doesn't fit back into his shell.


Cody Goodin said...

Than you ODD Imagination and Dot for your kind words. Yes, the pugey one certainly loves his seafood.