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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Head Sculpting Class Goblin style

Today I hosted my doll club in my studio for my very first in studio class. I have been wanting to teach classes in my studio for the longest time. Now I have finally started that process. The class today was Head Sculpting Goblin Style. It was a class held to replace the annual trip my club makes called doll camp. It is an overnight trip to an area state park where we rent out a conference room and have a couple of classes and just have fun. It is the one time where one of the club members steps up and teaches a class in something that the club members want to learn. This year due to schedule conflicts and vacations. Doll camp was cancelled and instead we had doll camp day in my studio. Here I am with Pat Statzer who is a fabulous quilter and cloth doll maker.

Here we have Katie Storer and Pat working on their goblin heads.

Here I am doing a demo on how I detail the face when you have the features sculpted. Nothing like being the center of attention and having a group watch your every move.

More detail work being done on my demo head.

Here is Cyndy Sieving, who runs Artistic Figures In Cloth with her goblin head. Isn't he or she fun. I am not sure what gender Cyndy said it was.

Vicki is posing with her goblin head. She is Cyndy's friend and also a member of the Gilded Lilies doll club in Columbus. Cyndy is a member of that club too. They hail from Columbus Ohio.

River City Doll Maker Judy with her goblin.

Another River City ember Marlene with her sculpted head.

Anita shows off her grumpy old man as she called him.

Robbie Porter poses with her goblin heads which she says will become a wizard.

Liz Marten working on her goblin head which is going to be an old bag lady.

Vicki and Cyndy working hard for the teacher.

Here I show Judy the fine art of smoothing the edges of some of the features.

All in all it was a fun day. I had never taught a sculpting class before. It was fun if not a little nerve racking at first. It is always like that when I teach a new class for the first time. I think it is that wanting to make sure they get the most out of the class thing. I am sure some of you teachers out there can relate. Hope you enjoyed this little diversion.


MarZel said...

Cody!!! Congradulations, this is a big deal. I wish I lived near you!!! It looks like you had a full class too...what fun!!!

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks MarZel. I have decided tot put together a more in depth class thanks to this experience. Yes, the students had a blast and so did I.

MarZel said...

Heads up, my dear Fellow. You won an award over at my blog. I will be posting it shortly! Cheers!

cat said...

Looks like fun and sorry I missed it! Hopefully you will host another class in studio sometime?!

Anonymous said...

I'm envious of your time spent around other doll-makers!

li said...

WOW cody, rockin studio!
I have got to try making it down to your neck of the woods!

Looks like fun!