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Thursday, April 28, 2011

At Last!

Hello all of my friends out there in blog land.  I have finally broken through the creative dessert and found a small oasis of art doings.  Before I head off to AFIC (Artistic Figures In Cloth) later today, I wanted to post the finished figure.  This was made for a special exhibit challenging the participants to create a doll without a traditional means of support i.e. doll stand.  So, I created "It Came From Planet Claire".

If you remember in my last post I gave you a sneak peek.  This piece was a true mixed media fantasy for me.  I started off with a polymer clay head I had made last fall.  I was in this mood to make a block head for some reason.  Well, now that I am interested in including a mid century sci fi theme in my work at this point I thought it made a great start.  I have a small collection of old vacuum tubes, so one of these was used for the top.  The body is a wrapped wire armature mounted so that I could create a canvas skirt over a wooden base.  This was then stuffed just enough to give it some form.  I mounted the base on to a heart shaped box which seemed to create a good ankle shape.  Apoxie sculpt feet were then sculpted and attached to the heart shape box.  Everything was painted in black and silver acrylic paint.  The costume is a layering of a variety of black fabrics.  He is holding a glass crystal cube.  The necklace pendant is a piece of dichroic glass fusion that a friend gave me  There is also a small dichroic cab in the head piece as well.

It didn't turn out exactly how I envisioned it, but all in all I am happy with him.  This is my first piece in a hopefully large series of works.  You know how that goes.  Best laid plans and all.

I hope to post pictures of my experience at AFIC, my class and the awesome exhibits that will be there.  This will be a welcomed break form my chaotic life.  There are some not fun things on the horizon, I am hoping to ward off with a dose of extreme positive energy.  That usually does the trick for me.  Until next time my awesome friends out there.  Cio!


Anonymous said...

Cody, So fabulous to spend time with you at AFIC. And I got to see this one up close and personal!! Great job. You rock!

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Joyce, you rock too my friend.