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Saturday, May 05, 2012

You Handsome Devil

Hi y'all out there in blog land.  I wanted to post a quick picture of a piece I just finished before the Essex Studios open house. He is a character study for my Mythic Journeys project.  This is "You Handsome Devil"  loosely based on the devil card of the Tarot Archetypes.  Mr. Devil is actually inspired by a devil figure I did years ago.  I called that one in a Renaissance style.  This doll is a stump style figure.  No feet just a stump base mounted on a wooden plaque.  He is about 16' tall.  His head is made of Apoxy Sculpt and Das Pronto and his hands are a recycled vinyl.

Mr. Devil will reappear later in a more complete body that can be posed.  He plays an important role in the story.  The shows first night was successful and a little odd.  But, I am even more excited for the final night tonight.  Have a great weekend everyone.


Thank you said...

Wow Cody..he is great! I love the whole look of this guy! You did a terrific job with him. Looking forward to seeing more.

Cody Goodin said...

Thank you Lorraine.