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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Chance Encounter

Carlos had just about enough of the drama at work.  His frustration was causing him to get a bit punchy.  He knew that unless he could relax and let off some steam soon he would regret his life later.  It wasn't long until Carlos found himself at his favorite watering hole, The Lonely Hearts Club.  It was a chic mans bar outside of the downtown district.  Not much noticed by the local authorities.  The place was a bit over the top for his taste at times.  But, there were always plenty of distractions.

At about 12 midnight Carlos spied a man he had seen there once before.  He wasn't sure why but, he was rather drawn to him.  Did he appear easy pickings?  Perhaps it was his disarming smile that took a hold of his heart.  He wasn't sure but, he knew this was the night he needed to make his move.

After initial introductions of the usual corny pick up lines Carlos hooked his catch with his smooth dialogue.  Timothy or Tim as he is known by his friends, was awkwardly friendly to Carlos.  Carlos figured it was just that Tim wasn't really used to the city.  Tim told Carlos he was relatively new to the city and liked to hang out at The Lonely Hearts club after a busy day.  Carlos and Tim hit it off right away.  Something was defiantly different about Tim, Carlos thought.  Charming?  Innocent?  He couldn't quite put his finger on it.

"So, what brings you to this crazy city?" Carlos asked Tim.  After a short pause Tim said. "Well, I am following along with a small group of people.  We are hoping to help people out. You know, take care of the homeless and all that"

"Oh, I see." said Carlos.  Carlos immediately thought, goody two shoes.  How cute.

Tim spoke again. "The leader of our group is an amazing man.  He can do miracles."  Tim was just smiling.

"Oh, really?" questioned Carlos.  "Well, Tim how would you like to get the hell outta here and find a more relaxing place to chat?"

"Sure! What do you have in mind?" Tim answered.

Carlos looked at Tim and a wry smile came across his face.  "Follow me." Carlos beckoned and he took Tim by the hand.

Thanks for reading the continuing saga.  Stay tuned.  The story is just a small off shoot of a bigger one that I am working on.  Thanks for following along.  As I mentioned earlier,, the photographs are just quick little test shots.  I am working on more elaborate set ups to come.  Have a great creative week you all.  Another episode soon.

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