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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Auntie Co's Advice Freely Given

Coco never had children.  She never bothered herself with all of that fluff as she called it.  "I'm too busy living my life and building my career." she once told a friend.  Yes, there were times when she felt a bit lonely and wondered what sort of legacy she would leave behind.  But, that distracting thought was soon ushered away with a wonderful Martini and her favorite brand of cigarettes. Fortunately or not depending on one's view point Coco's siblings have given her children to spoil when the mood strikes her.

Coco has one niece in particular that she is rather fond of.  Elsie Mae is a spunky little girl who has no problem living in the moment.  Hmm that sounds familiar   Perhaps that is why Coco is so fond of little Elsie Mae.  Try as she might Coco can not convince Elsie to get rid of that odd blue hair.  Elsie just says "It's my natural color.  Like that of the fairies I live with."  "Oh, I see." replies Coco. Coco thinks long and hard about Elsie's reasoning.  She allows a wry smile to draw itself on her face.  She remembers quite well the trouble she stirred up with her parents when she dyed her hair bright red.  It was such a delicious scandal in her household.

On one particular afternoon Coco decided to give her little niece some advice on the subject of love.  One would wonder why she felt particularly qualified to give such advice as she has been married no more than three times herself. "Elsie my dear you mustn't worry yourself over a boy.  Boys don't really know what they want.  You have to play hard to get.  Get them to realize they can't live without you." Coco offered. "I can't get any boy to like me Auntie." sighed Elsie.

"Well, at your age my dear it's no wonder." Coco replied.  Elsie looked at her than looked away not really understanding what her aunt meant.  Coco went on, "Boys at your age aren't really interested in pretty girls my dear." "They're not?" Elsie replied.  "Of course not sweetie.  They like frogs and bugs and such boring things." Coco offered.

They sat for quite awhile listening to the soft music playing on the radio.  It was a beautiful Claude Debussy piece.  It reminded Coco of her first date with Douglas, her first husband. But, the memory soon faded into the loss of Douglas during the war.  She busied herself then building her fashion empire.  Nothing like your first love.

Little Elsie Mae is a doll made by my good friend Linda Berkemeir, she does lovely work. Elsie Mae is not her original name however.  I do hope you all are finding these little storettes entertaining.  I am having great fun creating them.  Plus I am really getting to try out some photographic exercises.  I do plan on going back and recreating the images in a more finished form.  Thank you for following along on my new creative journey.  Until the next installment.  I suppose I need to start thinking of a title for this story line.

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