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Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Arrivals and Story update

There are a bunch of new arrivals in Codyland.  These story hopefuls will be going into casting directly to see whom they will be portraying in my story project.  My doll friends are being so kind to donate dolls or doll items to me to get this project off the ground.

Have you ever had the feeling that you have bitten off more than you can chew sometimes?  Well, on numerous occasions when I sit and think about all that will be going into this major labor of love.  I get a big lump in my throat.  The usual voices begin there usual parade through my mind.  "Oh, this is just too big." "Who do you think you are to to attempt something like this/"  and so on...  But, despite my own doubts at times, this project is a deeply heart felt one.  Mostly because I am hoping to gain some much needed healing in the areas this project will deal with, secondly I am hoping that it inspires others in many ways.  That is why, I am documenting my process for all who are interested in sharing the journey.  I will be up front in saying here and now, that I am not going to give away the whole story here.  If you really want to read the whole thing, it will be made available in book and other formats at some point. This is a dream project for me as it includes so many of my interest all rolled into one.I am so honored by the support and kind remarks I have received so far.  You all rock.

Now to give you another teaser about the story.  The working title I am using is "The Descendants" .  So, here is another little taste.  I don't have any pictures to go with this passage yet.

Episode One Book One "Mathews Lament

Sometimes we think we know truth.  Facts or evidence, which point to one inevitable conclusion appear in front of us clear as crystal.  And yet, every once in a blue moon, truth sneaks up on us like a loud clap of thunder.  It comes as a shock wave of awareness from our heart.  It's useless to try and wave it away like some bothersome fly. No, it sits there in your lap starring into your eyes, seeing all the way down into your soul.  Life is invariably changed now.  All that we believed to be the truth has withered to dust and is blown away.

Maria sat there on the lone park bench contemplating what the doctor had told her just minutes before.  "Why me? How did this happen? Why?" Maria racked her brain and searched her memories, for some logical explanation.  What eventually popped into her burning head was a strange voice.  Maria thought to herself. "That psychic, she said I was to be a vessel.  No, it couldn't be."  Maria wasn't usually superstitious but, now she needed something to grab onto for a reason. The psychic also told her that what the world needs would come from her.  She was one of three.  The power of three shall set us free.”  That's all she could remember of the visit with the psychic. She shook her head and took a deep cleansing breath.  But, she felt an instant pang of nausea well up from her stomach.

Maria knew she had to tell her parents.  Being from a strong religious background, they are going to go nuts.  She grimaced at the thought. But, she was a good girl.  She'll just tell them the truth.  The truth, yeah the truth.  She didn't even know herself.  Maria gathered her courage and stood up.  An officer was just rounding the bend in the road when he stopped her.  "Are you OK miss?" the officer asked.  "Yes, sir I am fine."  Replied Maria.  "Just on my way home."  She explained. The officer looked at Maria with such kind eyes.  Eyes that were deep.  They were the  kind of eyes that could see all the way down into your soul.  "OK, then just be careful.  There are too many dangerous things out and about in the night." said the officer.  "Have a good evening Miss." the officer gave Maria a parting gaze for what seemed like an eternity then went on his way. "Wow that was lucky." Maria thought to herself.  "The state police are usually quite unpleasant to deal with.  But, there was something oddly different about that officer.  He was so kind." Maria contemplated.

Maria began her dreaded journey back home.  Her life just got a whole lot more complicated than a high school girl should experience.

Hope you enjoyed the little sneak peek.  It is the beginning of the first book or at least that is the plan.  I know I will be rewriting a bit too as the story progresses.  There is a plan for three books.  One for each of the three main characters.  The three main characters will all know each other in some way too which will connect the stories.  Thanks for your interest and stay tuned for more doll and story fun.

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