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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Another Essex Studios show come and gone

Hello my friends.  I hope you are finding this Sunday treating you well.  I wanted to post some pictures I took at the Essex Studios open house this weekend.  As you can see Fitzy made his debut and has found a new home.  His new parent will take good care of him and Fitzy will give much inpsiration back.   The show was a great success for me and my partner.  Summer will be a good time to catch up and get busy making new things and finally getting my photo illustration project rolling in earnest.

Here is the other doll I made at AFICC last weekend.  She was created in Michelle Lynch's class.  I made her in one day.  She too has a new home. Granny Robot will be winding her way to Washington D>C> soon.

Next we have Gus, the tiny headed dancer.  He is a special fella for sure.  He has always dreamt of being a ballerina.  But, being born in the 1940's that wasn't something a little boy was allowed to become.  Now in his mid 70's and becoming a child again in his mind, he is the ballerina he always wanted to be.  He sports his favorite baseball hat.  Unable to stand much he performs his exercises in his chair.

Lastly, we have my version of Oz the Great and Powerful.  He was created for the Wizard of Oz challenge to appear at the AFICC gathering under the DollStreet Dreamers online doll club banner.

So, there you have a few new dolls to keep you entertained for a few minutes.  Thanks as always for stopping by and hope you enjoyed your visit.  The guys always appreciate comments.  Have a great week my friends.  Hope it is inspiring.


Karen Mallory said...

Fabulous dolls! All of them! My fav is Granny. LOL You are so talented Cody! Glad your show was a success.
hugs Karen

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Karen, it's going to be a busy summer.

David Walker said...

Love the new work and congrats on finding them new homes.

Sorry I missed the Essex this round.

Now it's time for both of us to get to work. I have a plan . . . a goal for the summer.