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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Back From Columbus

Howdy gang.  I just returned a few days ago from the Artistic Figures In Cloth and Clay conference held in Columbus Ohio.  It was fours days of fun classes and meets and greets.  It sure was fun hobnobbing with old friends and meeting new ones.  I had three days of classes that helped to fill the old creative well.  One of the classes I took was from Dawn (Dee) Schiller of Odd Fae fame.  It  was her Fetch class.

A quick photo of the side view of my finished Fetch.  He is made from polymer clay and cloth.

This is a front view of him.  He has decided his name is Fitzgerald or Fitzzy for short.  He will be making his debut appearance in Cincinnati at the Essex Studios art walk this coming weekend.

See I told you dolls were in the works.  I will post the finished picture of my other class doll later.  I need to go make dinner now.  Thanks for stopping by.  Until next time, adios amigos and amigas.


Karen Mallory said...

He is so cool Cody! Really love those pants!!!
hugs Karen

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Karen, he was fun to create. Dee Schillers technique is a lot of fun to try.