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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Oh What A Sky

While life has been throwing a few curve balls, broken molar, my way and a busy work schedule. I thought I would share a few moments that just took my breath away lately. I was walking home from dinner out one night and I looked up to see the sky. Oh what a sky it was in all it's colorful splendor. Lucky for me I have a really good camera on my cell phone. So I snapped off a few pics to remember the glory of the earth that night.

Here is another view as I was getting to my neighborhood. I have been exploring photography in so many ways this past year and have to say that I just love it. It helps me to capture so much that I can't in other creative mediums. Luckily I am able to take another class from a really good teacher who helps me to see potential in my images and gives good but gentle critique. I learn a lot from those sessions.

I am busy as always with my doll collecting to build up my resources for characters in the photo series I am working on.

Here are the two main characters in the series. The boy's name is Jasper and the lion his friend is Ruff. They will be setting out on many adventures together in the coming months. You know a little boy or girl for that matter usually has an active imagination. Well, Jasper does in spades and it will lead to lots of interesting encounters.  Ruff will hopefully be the voice of reason. We shall see how that works out. If I know Jasper he is pretty head strong and may not listen to his conscience.

Hope you all have a great weekend and week ahead. It will be filled with five days of work instead of four for me. But, an eleven day vacation is on the horizon in a little over nine days. Then I can get some power studio time in. Until we chat again.


Karen Mallory said...

I love your sky photo. The colors are great!!
Can't wait to see all the doll photos. Are they going to tell a story?
hugs Karen

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Karen. Yes, the doll photos will tell a story of sorts. It is my chance to relive a childhood fantasy that I didn't not do most of us. I just finished Jaspers bed last night.