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Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Design of Slumber

I have been working on a bed for my character, Jasper to put in his bedroom set. I wanted it to have a space or astro theme. Here is the bed completed with just the sheets and pillow.

Here I have placed his blanket on the bed. The bed is made out of foam core 3/16" and painted with several layers of acrylic paints. I then stamped the images of stars, comets and a ringed planet on the different sides. The final step was antiquing it all with a burnt umber glaze. The mattress was made with a sheet of foam core as the base, 1 inch foam as the core and covered with a layer of muslin. I also  pillow quilted the mattress to give a more realistic touch. A little silly I guess since you can't really see that in the final picture. But, I know it's there. The sheets were a cotton that I then attached by sewing to the foam board backing. The blanket is a piece of polar fleece I had left over from a long ago project.

This bed turned out pretty good for what I had in mind. I learned a lot about construction of things with this process. I haven't actually made things like this in many many years. Foam core is a craft guys best friend. I am planning on making some other furniture pieces as needed. One is a toy box and the other a side table.

I am getting everything packed up at home to transport to the big studio space at the Essex this weekend. Then hopefully the magic can begin. I am so excited to get into the thick of making the sets and other characters. There may be some other good news coming my way soon. I will keep you posted. I don't want to jinx it by saying anything else about it. Have a great weekend one and all.

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Karen Mallory said...

So much fun Cody! I love foam core too. I used it in making my Halloween carnival. Hope I get to that exciting news soon!
hugs Karen