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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Angular Obsessions

"Imaginary time is a new dimension, at right angles to ordinary, real time."

Hello my friendly followers out there. I thought I'd post a little tid bit about my love of photography. One of the things that many photography teachers will tell you is that it is always a good idea to look closely at your surroundings. You learn to develope your artistic eye. One thing in particular is to look up.
That is what I do a lot of is look up at the buildings in the downtown of the city where I work. I love seeing the layers of buildings placed one in front of the other. But, what I am truly obsessed with is angles. I enjoy seeing the interplay of the different angles and values of light. It is like a symphony of shapes and colors to me.
The above shot is one taken while I was waiting for my ride home one day not long ago. It was late in the day about 5:40 pm. As I stood there I looked up across the street and noticed the striking angles and values that the late day sun created. That is one of the things I love about photography, the little discoveries one makes. Even better is now it is immortalized as an image on my computer and here on the blog. 
Next time you are out and about look up and see what you can see that you hadn't noticed before. You just might discover something amazing. Until next time my friends. Peace.

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Karen Mallory said...

It is a fantastic photo! The more you see your world, the more you SEE your world! There are such interesting things to see and photograph everywhere. Just look with the artists eye!
I made a doll for a quilt guild challenge and her name coincedentally is "Look Above"!
hugs Karen