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Friday, February 20, 2015

Happiness is a new doll.

One of my big obsrssions of late is that of collecting fashion dolls and action figures. It all started as a means to create some fun scenes to photograph. Funny though, I have yet to actually create any of those scenes. But, that's another story. So, I have been collectiong these little plastic and rubber people now for several years. I am hooked. I love creating stories for them and it is a bit of a childhood I never had and desperately wanted. Now as an older adult, I can choose to play with dolls.

The above pictured is one of my recent and prized gifts to myself. I call her Claudette and she is a Phicen Super Seamless doll. She has a nicely articulated internal stainless steel skeleton. This allows for more realistic posing and movement. Her skin is a silicone rubber which gives it a flesh like feel. The possibilities for dressing her are endless. Her proportions are more human like too than those of Barbie. She came dressed in the skimpiest of bikinis/

This is a rather artsy picture of my Harley Davidson guy. He is a Ken doll and there are several versions of him. I currently have two. Not as posable as a Phicen but, I still love them.

My superhero collection has begun. I am trying to create fun situations and stories for our beloved heros too.

Yes, I even have a Wonder Woman figure. So, my new collecting mania has begun. It is supposed to provide me with endless possibilitie and hours of fun. Finding different figures to collect is also a great deal of fun.

Have a great week out there one and all. Keep safe from the foul weather. Peace.


Karen Mallory said...

I used to play with dolls too! I used the porcelain medium and it got expensive. So I changes to cloth. Still love the vinyls! I love your photos with dolls!
hugs Karen

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Karen, it is a great deal of fun. Plus, they don't complain about the long hours.