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Sunday, January 25, 2009

New series beginnings...

Well, my muse has finally decided to speak to me again.  After a few weeks off from any serious creative endeavors.  I am starting a new series called "Animal Guides Who Speak to Us" sorry it's a long title.  But, it is my working title for the moment.  These pieces are polymer clay sculpts over stretched canvas.  The actual piece measures 4x6 inches.  I have a frame in mind for this one.  He is "Rabbit #1" and is going to have a green picket fence frame.  I am showing him here by himself.  After the clay has been baked, I paint a number of layers of acrylic to achieve the desired color and then he is antiqued with an ebony stain.

My love of creating the goblin characters has lead me to this new series.  I made some similar styled pieces for the Secret Artworks project for a local arts organization this past year.  I loved the format so much that I decided to continue it.  These little pieces are direct descendants of my tree paintings.  Hope you enjoy, Rabbit.

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