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Saturday, April 04, 2009


This post is all about inspiration.  What inspires we as artists to do the things we do or create?  It is as varied as the artists themselves.  But, I thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse into what makes me excited or inspired to create.  The above picture is of a flowering ornamental pear tree.  It is in my neighbors' yard.  I have been looking at it for over a week now.  There is something about they way the white flowers look against that deep cerulean blue sky that just makes my heart sing.  I love trees as you all may know anyway.  But, this color and contrast of textures really gets my inspiration fired up.

Now, you have seen a few post regarding my faces.  I like to find shapes in mottled fabrics or patterns that remind me of a face.  Here is a pile I got together from the small stash of fabric I still have.  I tend to look for this type of fabric now days.  I am hoping to produce a more serious series of these drawings and frame them.  I had played around with the ATC size and ideology but, you know I want to be able to sell them too.  I hate to step on toes in the ATC world.  So, I am going to make them different sizes.  But, I love the way colored pencil feels on the fabric.  Most of my artist friends whom I have shown the faces to, can't believe they are colored pencil paintings.  I think that is the cool thing about this technique.

Lastly, here are a couple of pieces of a willow type tree.  I am not sure of the exact name as that is not my thing.  But, I loved the shapes and thought what great antlers they would make for one of my creatures.  They have this wonderful texture to them.  The fact that they are wood is nice too as I am all about mixing medias of late.  That is the main concept of a class I am teaching at the Artistic Figures In Cloth conference in Columbus this spring.  It runs April 30t- May 3rd.  You can check out more information here at Cyndy's Dolls.

I hope you have gained a bit of insight into my walk down the path of inspiration today.


Judy Skeel said...

Hey Cody - just glancing at the fabric pic I picked out the face that became hairfire too. Great minds, eh? What a cool idea!

Cody Goodin said...

It is really fun. I love creating these pieces. It is very freeing in many ways.