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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Ok, two posts in one day....

These are some doodles I made at work a few years back.  Before the big corporation took over.  It was a nice time when we could play with the art supplies.  Anyway, these have been sitting on my desk and they inspire me too.  In a different way than the earlier post.  This piece was created on a scrap of mat board using colored pencils and Pitt artist pens.  Just a fun little experiment.

This little Bullie Bunny was drawn on Canson Mi tientes paper with colored pencils.  It inspired my Wabbit piece that I posted a few weeks back.  Of, which has since found a new home.  I would still like to explore the rabbit image a bit more.  Anyhoo, just to give you a small sampling of some of the play I enjoy.

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